tantrums, tiaras and loads of shoes

“They say all marriages are made in heaven,
but so are thunder and lightning.”
Clint Eastwood

all sizesI knew that I was up for something special when I was invited by my neighbour’s daughter and son’s weddings in Kosovo. But never could I imagine that I was up for something so mad and amazing.

It’s serious business … it starts already around 7am with the appointment at the hairdresser for makeup and hairstyling. A treatment that has to last for up to 18 hours through high heat and loads of dancing, so you can imagine the amount of hairspray that went into every hair. In my eyes, I look like a scarecrow, but everyone else looked the same.beauties

Was invited to stay with the family in their beautiful big house in the village of Vushtrri. The house was a madhouse, with new tenants every night and change of bedrooms. So funny, you never knew who to expect for breakfast the next morning. The bedrooms were like “musical chairs”. A big house f

in waiting

illed with big hearts, souls and loads of footwear by the entrance.

Never have I been to weddings that have left so much to the last minute … like table seating, flowers, hairdressers was changed from day to day. Dresses and suits need to be pressed, funny enough that became my job.groomed car

Loads of tantrums both female and male … dad (Puff) was cool at all times and so was I,  because I didn’t understand a word of what been said.

But all came together in the best way … but there was nerves, delays, scream and shouting plus we had +36C outside.most important

For the female family members and wedding guests is the dresses, bling-bling och hairstyles so important. And of course, the shoes that gave them blisters already under the first hour. Some ladies changed dresses during the evening party .. one of the guests changed 4 times. Weddings are when you show off your most beautiful dresses … and all the bling-bling and it’s worn all over the body.

beautiful dresses

This image is from the daughter’s daytime reception 3 days later.

We are talking about serious evening gowns, some with nothing in the back or the front .. glitter and pearls. So stunningly beautiful, but some was a bit over the top for my taste. There was a couple of ladies that worn the traditional wedding outfit and with that come a lot of suffering, it’s warm and heavy to wear. And their poor feet.

The evening I arrived they had a massive ladies night. About 300 ladies of all ages dressed up to kill were dancing, eating and drinking soft drinks until 2am. Some kind of hen-night which I missed out on.bride to be

It was 3 brides at that party, the daughter, and the daughter in law plus her sister that was also getting married .. all in the time of 4 days.

At the house,  there was some kind of party going on every night. dancing, drinking and eating loads of fresh fruit. They had leased big amplifier and we were only outside until midnight. I think we were about 40 at most, in the age 2 to 68. I was the oldest at all parties.love the salads

The first wedding was between Egzon (son) and Marigona .. and it started around lunch time when he collected his bride at her father’s home with the support of all this friends and relatives. So we gathered at the hotel’s car park because all cars were driving to the bride’s home in entourage and beeping the horn more or less the whole time, and the drive was over 1 hrs and it was very hot. To have 30 cars to be on time, is impossible, so we had to wait and wait … and became more and more delayed.groom-has-arrived

Also, every car has a white towel in the window that shows that the cars are collecting a bride to be because no other motorist is allowed to break the entourage.

At Marigona’s family home, all the females of the family and nearest friends greeted us (ladies only .. the men has to stay by the cars). We all was dressed up to the teeth and sun were blustering. dancing in the sun

There are drinks offered .. then we danced out the bride that is dressed in her bridal dress and with a red veil over her head, met her husband to be .. he lifted the veil in front of family and friends .. after that he escorts her to the car and he took over the responsibility.

Also, gifts are given by the bride’s parents to the most important women in the groom’s family (hope I got this right).to meet her groom

Then it’s dancing again by the women while the groom and his bride are leaving for their life together and a couple of hours later the big party starts with more dancing, food, and soft drinks.fun without alcohol

Egzon and Marigona party were a couple of hours late because of the worst thunderstorm I ever had experience, but the staff and the band saved the evening for them .. we danced through the thunder and the rain.

And around 9.30pm the fresh Mrs & Mr Syla arrived .. plus the bride’s family and guests could join the party .. and the party was full on until 2.30am. By then had I in bed with one of youngest men of the family for a couple of hours.

Egzon the Marigona!
Ju uroj vetëm më të mirë për çdo ditë
dhe mos harroni them keq.

egzon & marigona

18 thoughts on “tantrums, tiaras and loads of shoes

  1. Fantastic, Vivi! What a wonderful account you give. As Sue says, exhausting even as a bystander, but so much fun. 300 women!!! What a thought 🙂 🙂 And you all look so bonny! Very similar to the Polish style of wedding but with a few more quirks. (the white towel 🙂 ) Sunny day hugs, darlin. Sounds like you should put your feet up!

    • I don’t think there was a risk for that there was going to be a mix up, because the couple stayed separate until after their parties, then the brides moved into the groom’s family. It was a fantastic experience and so much fun.

  2. Oh such a lovely wedding. Looks like you had a busy but good time. Love the photos! All the love to the bride and groom and many congratulations as well 💗

    • Thank you, yes … it was the most fantastic time I in Kosovo with all the carry on before and under the weddings.
      One more wedding to post about. *smile
      I will send them you regards. Thank you so much.

    • Suzanne, the right word … production, but it was so much fun and never a dull moment in the house or anywhere really. People was so welcoming and lovely.I felt sorry for the son and his wife that had to do 3 weddings i 4 days, I has total knacker after done 2. Thank you so much for the visit. Going to Madrid for my birthday next week. Never been.

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