Weekly photo challenge – frame

What counts isn’t the frame,
it’s what you put in it.”
Otto Preminger

O-turii Gate 2

Itsukushima Island (aka Miyajima), April-15 …  The great Torii or also called the floating gate, constructed in 1168

flower with a view

Istanbul, Dec -2014 …. Yeni Cami Mosque, open in  1665.

looking through the fence_

Potsdam, Sept-2015 …. the Roßbrunnen seen through the fence at Sanssouci Palace. Built 1862.

space needle 2

Seattle, July 2012 … the Space Needle, built for the  for the 1962 World’s Fair.


30 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge – frame

    • Andy, the thing is that all shrines has the same gates … there is one in Kyoto that has 100 in one row, the Fushimi Inari Shrine. Not so high as this .. but there is one single one by Sanjusangendo Temple that was massive. I’m like you .. I just love those gates.

    • Dia, thank you … AGAIN!!! For being faithful to me. Have lost the inspiration for doing posts .. think I have to much images. I wish you a lovely weekend. I hope the sun will be with you. Many evening hugs.

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    • Suzanne, I think it’s one of the most majestic tourist attraction to capture on image. The water is very shallow .. so when it’s tide you can walk out to gate and touch it. Loads of mussels to be found on the way out.

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