weekly photo challenge – rare

What can be rarer than to find a garden full of umbrellas that are protecting the delicate flowers from the strong sun???!!!!  One of the most humble experience I ever had, it was also so beautiful – a magical sight .. and it happened in Japan, where they have such strong respect for nature and find such joy in all flowers.

I visited the Shukkei-en Garden in Hiroshima during April 2015.

Shukkei-en (縮景園?) is a historic Japanese garden in Hiroshima. Construction began in 1620 on order from Asano Nagaakira, daimyo of the Hiroshima han.

The gardens were opened to the public in 1940, the Asano family donated them to Hiroshima Prefecture. Being a short walk from Ground zero of the nuclear attack on Hiroshima, Shukkei-en became extensive damaged, and then became a refuge for victims of the war. After renovations, it reopened in 1951.

I wish you a pleasant weekend.

“This Earth is our only home.
Together, we must protect and cherish it.”
Ban Ki-moon


23 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – rare

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  2. 🙂 What a trip! What fascinating pictures.
    I’ve only been able to post my FUN pictures today.
    Gosh, so much to write and do after my short LA visit…
    Hope you are feeling well?!
    Many hugs xoxoxo 🙂

    • Welcome home and thanks for the card, arrived yesterday. LA, I have only been there for a couple of hours during the filming of “Pretty Woman”. We drove around a little in Beverly Hills and Sunset Blv was closed off because of the filming. I would like to see more.
      I understand what you mean with loads of writing … and photos. Too much so I have lost the inspiration a bit. And soon is Madrid coming up.
      I’m feel good, thanks. Have a lovely week. Hugs back.

      • 🙂 Thank you for your “glasses” card! That is really cool and hanging on my refrigerator door 😀
        Yes, I’ve got so many pictures to sort through (and I don’t want to tire my readers of too many pictures) and so much to write. I just don’t know when to make the time for all that, as I’ve got a job as well 😀
        Oh, well, things will fall in place.
        How fun to see the filming of Pretty Woman. I still love the movie!
        Many hugs and lots of love xo 🙂

      • My pleasure …. regarding the card. I think it came out very cool too. *smile Yes, I know what you mean with tiring the readers, I have a tendency to do that … loads of words and photos, but that is just me. Loads of everything in go.
        Take your time .. blogging should be about an urge. We didn’t see much of the filming and they didn’t say anything about what film it was .. but when I saw the film I recognize it. Didn’t see any of the stars .. it was all well fenced off. All time great movie. Saturday night fever hug.

    • Okay .. no those was on canes fasten in the soil. Hotel Bellagio, Las Vegas lobby ceiling has the colorful glass umbrellas hanging in all directions. Stunning.

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