19 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – fun

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    • Thanks for much for your lovely comment. I enjoy most things in life .. expect ironing. *laughing. To make the best of things makes life so much easier.

  2. I’ve come for a catch up, Vivi. The sunny weather has addled my brain and I’ve not spent so much time online but the clouds are back today so here I am. 🙂 🙂 I lovely your sunny disposition too, and hate ironing. There’s a heap looking daggers at me from the back of a chair 😦 Are you busy? Plans? Well, I hope?

    • Welcome!!!!! No rush with catching up me … put in the bottom of the list *laughing. We had two fantastic sunny days .. but windy, it’s a bit autumn in the air already. Plans??? Yes, I have start to look at my UK tour in January. Had hoped to do my UK tour in the end of October, but my friends in Dublin are in Florida, so it has to be January … okay for me for hotels nights are cheap in January and flights too. UK weather never bothered me .. it’s what it’s.
      And then I have Madrid coming up for my birthday, in Sept.

      • No, my first visit … so it’s going to be excited. Been to Barcelona a couple of times .. fantastic city, but I heard so much good about Madrid and we stay 5 min walk from Palacio Real de Madrid, the Royal palace and it’s magnificent park.

      • It’s in the middle of Spain, so I don’t think it will be hot like in Seville .. but after Warsaw and Kosovo I rather good on handling HOT now. Madrid and New York is on the same latitude .. they say.

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