for a happy marriage ……

So this me in a very hot … Milloshev, Kosovo and with 2 weddings down. The first wedding ended up in a terrible thunder storm.  I became so wet and started to freeze after 1,5 hours even if I was dancing, so I wasn’t able to be stay to the happy end .. the wedding started around 10pm.

But the second wedding … my lovely Kaltrina married her handsome Valon, I was there the whole day and night through.

This is the private album I have done to them!

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow

Tomorrow is it me going to Priština … for 4 nights, before returning home after the most fantastic and mad first visit to Kosovo. Loads of big hearts and souls, but also tiaras and tantrums, there is loads to be told.


9 thoughts on “for a happy marriage ……

  1. What an absolutely wonderful collection of photos, my friend, especially the details – the floating veil, the hair decoration, the bouquet, the arm. A treasure for the bride and groom.

    • THAaAaAaAank you, Meg! They had professional wedding photographer that took still images, I was there with them then … plus a film making team .. filmed the whole day, so I tried to take more personal images and more into the small details. I must have about 650 images from both weddings. They haven’t seen the album yet .. because they don’t have internet where they are.

    • Thanks, Maralee … wedding in Kosovo is a mad business .. start after breakfast and last to after midnight … dance all the whole time. It was a fantastic day and they are such a lovely couple.

  2. I can’t wait! I haven’t even any idea where Pristina is- I need to grab a map :)- but I got a postcard today. Friday hugs, Vivi. Bit hectic here and Ladies night tonight. Take care 🙂 🙂

    • Know you will have a fantastic Ladies nights .. and I will have another (last) sweaty night. Had a great trip and you better find out where Kosovo are before I post something more. Weekend hug …. Love Wivi

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