observation from a bench at the seafront

my fikaYesterday we had another warm day and with no wind at all …. in our beautiful backyard, not a leave on the trees was moving. My friend, Bärbel and I decide to take our “fika” (coffebreak) down at the seafront. police dog day off

I was a bit reluctant because I thought it was going to be too hot for comfort to sit  down there and even in the shade is hot just now. But how wrong was I .. it was a lovely breeze there and we had a very comfortable couple hours in the sun. Not much happened on the beach or around us.

During the summer Landskrona has loads of events going on and yesterday did they have a vintage cars show at the castle grounds. We didn’t bother visit because in there behind moats is there hardly any wind. So I thought I will bring Oscar along, but I forgotten that his battery was low  after our visit at Soferio Castle.

When all the fantastic cars left the show grounds they had to pass where we were sitting, but by then Oscar didn’t have anything left to give. There must have been a couple of hundred cars in the show. I manage to get some images from our bench.

Now I have make an afford and make things happen for my trip to Kosovo and 2 weddings .. at least get my suitcase out. *smile

“Spend the afternoon.
You can’t take it with you.”
Annie Dillard nice car & handsome driver

22 thoughts on “observation from a bench at the seafront

  1. We had hot, hot weather in Italy and now that we’re home Toronto and all of southern Ontario is experiencing a heat wave. Thank goodness I live by the lake because it’s always a few degrees cooler here. Lovely photos.

    • Welcome home!!!! It has been very hot in Europe this summer, we had 3 weeks of unsteady weather with rain.. but it was badly needed, the nature has got a second shot on summer now. Going to Kosovo next week .. and there is it hot. I’m not built for that. Nice to hear from you!!!!

  2. Have you got room for my vibes too? They are pulsating for cooler as well as a great time.

    I love the bits and pieces in the post – a pity Oscar wasn’t up for chasing more cars!

    • No, he didn’t have any juice left … I was suprise that he manage the images he did. There is always rooms for your vibes, Meg!!!! I truly hope it will get a bit cooler.

  3. Looks like there’s some loving on the beach 😉 Lovely to hear it was nice with some wind down there. Perfect for cooling off. Enjoy your trip, Vivi. Have fun and take photos 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Mabel … of course there will be loads of photos. Just woke to a new hot day, but it doesn’t look like there is going to be any wind today, but I have to get ready for take off … tomorrow morning.

  4. Love the cars, and especially the quote. 🙂 You’re going to Kosovo, all of things! I have never been even though we used to be in the same country. Very curious to see it with your eyes.

    • Manja, it’s very strange .. because the area I’m in was total flatten by the war, so everything is 16 years or younger and .. half of it looks half finished, here is so much still to be done, but people are so lovely … helpful .. and full of life. I will spend a couple of days in Pristina before I return home.

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