life is the only thing …..

cemetery gateI have now visited the Jewish Cemetery in Warsaw twice, last year was it a grey and drizzly day. This time, it was a fantastic sunny and hot day. The tall trees gave a wonderful shade and to see how the sun beams spread light over the deep resting gravestones was so enormously mightily… the greenery so soft and embossing.give shade

Both my visits has given me such remarkable inner peace and quietness … without a doubt my favorite place in Warsaw. Just like the Hiroshima Memorial Park did .. it just embraces me and it feels comfortable to be there. I don’t really feel any sadness, it more a feeling of great relief from everything else and it’s so beautiful in it’s tragedy.    cemetery 3

Plenty birds, but there are very few flowers.

The Warsaw Jewish Cemetery is one of the largest Jewish cemeteries in Europe and in the world. Located on Warsaw’s Okopowa street and next to the Powązki Cemetery (tram 22), the cemetery was established in 1806 and occupies 33 hectares (83 acres) of land. The cemetery contains over 200,000 marked graves, as well as mass graves of victims of the Warsaw Ghetto.cemetery 11

The cemetery was closed down during World War II, after the war, it was reopened and a small portion of it remains active, serving Warsaw’s small existing Jewish population. Also, have they started to use burial places in between the abandoned old graves.

Of course, it hard to not be hit by what The Holocaust caused in suffering and lost of lives. The gravestones are covered in moss and allowed to fall over as they please. Nature has formed the cemetery and done it very graceful. cemetery 12

The most powerful momorial is Jack Eisner’s personal memorial … with the photos of his cousins and siblings (30) in a heap of organized rubble (some could be from the Ghetto ruins) …. it really hits heart and soul.

 Mr. Eisner — who had homes in Manhattan, Israel, and Nice, France — also helped found several Holocaust remembrance organizations, endowed university chairs to teach about the subject and was a leader in promoting understanding between Jews and Christians. He met with the pope several times.Eisner memorial 2

In 1993, he installed the monument  at to commemorate the 1.5 million Jewish children killed by Nazis.

Finally, it was the question that Mr. Eisner could not answer that most troubled him, why he survived.Monument to the ghetto children

”Why me?” he wrote in his book of his own survival. ”Why not Grandma Masha? Why not Hela, Lutek, Mrs. Grinberg? What about Schmeel, the shoemaker?”

Mr Eisner died in New York 2003, 77 years old. Eisner memorial 8

“Life is the only thing
which can never be
replaced when lost.”
Lailah Gifty Akita

26 thoughts on “life is the only thing …..

    • Jo, my true pleasure … but it’s really hard to give this place justice through words, images and music. The same with 9/11 Memorial in NYC, that I did a post about some years ago. So glad you like it. For me it’s a special place.

  1. Superb photos and a very individual response. I need to revisit with your post in mind – I haven’t been since B(efore) T(wins): all saints / All Souls’ Day 2012. And can I reblog this to expand my Warsaw?

    • Meg, of course you can …. you don’t have to ask .. My Warsaw is yours. Only have the post about the Neon Museum left. Maybe next week, depending on my travelling. You should go there. It’s the only really place I would go back to again … every visit. On a hot sunny .. perfect.

  2. Reblogged this on 12monthsinwarsaw and commented:
    I’m very lucky to be able to share another person’s perceptions of Warsaw, so my readers can see it through eyes other than mine. And such eyes! There is no one quite like Viveka for seeing things differently. I was so lucky to share Warsaw time with her.

  3. What would I do without Meg to keep me right? Her reblog brought me here. 🙂 It’s a superb post, Vivi, and as she says, your unique and beautiful view. I love the embossing greenery and so much else about this post. ‘Why me?’ must be the question you would ask yourself.
    What about your travel plans for this week? Have you got them sorted? I have a heavy heart this morning because a blogging friend died recently and I just found out on her blog yesterday. I don’t think you knew ‘Viv in France’ but she was a good friend and ally to me.
    Hugs, sweetheart! Life is the only thing 🙂 🙂

    • So sorry to read about your lost of a good friend. I didn’t know her, but I visit her world now and I can see that she was a very special lady. Yes, life is the only …. thing.
      Can image being the only survivor out of 31 children … and how many adult family members. The question has to be there … why me??? But he carried through his work about better understanding for each other.
      The cemetery is a beautiful place that nature has formed .. only seen a small part of it .. so I will return.

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