my warsaw days, 2016

neon warsawSo this year I visit Warsaw with my blogging sister and friend Sue@WordsVisual – we decided already last year that we will visit together this year. Also, this time, we both had a chance to meet up with a blogging sister Meg@12monthsinwarsaw from Austraila, that are living in Warsaw for a year. What a fantastic lady!!!! We were so lucky that she was able to spend 1,5 day with us.

Like my visit last year that happened in July I landed in a heatwave …. we had to suffer through +32C/+98.6 F as most and we truly suffered … but we manage.

There were loads of taxis when the heat was getting to us … most of them are good guys, but there are some gangsters too, so I recommend that you always ask about the price before getting into a cab. One taxi wanted 90Pln for a fare that only came to 29.80Pln. The evenings was lovely and most evenings we walked back to the hotel from our dining venue.

Sunday afternoon gave us some sunshine rest when a real sky fall came over us with storm and thunder. We need it badly … to clear the air.sunday rain

We slept comfortably on Mercure Centrum Hotel, just opposite the fantastic shopping mall “ZloteTarasy”, Bus station and Warszawa Centralna (train station) plus there are trams and Metro stops all around. We got a fantastic deal on the hotel, but I booked early!

And we eat delicious and good … breakfast, lunch and dinner …. and our bank accounts really liked the damages. So cheap!!!!

I did shop some beauty item and visit my favorite hairdresser, Jean Louis David – they had moved in the mall and become white instead of the black. They took me on straight away. The first thing I did after unpacking.

There is so much to see and do .. in Warsaw, but the heat made it difficult to do everything that was on the DO-IT note. We visit the “Warsaw Uprising Museum”, the Old Town (of course – both day and evening), the pre-war streets and Neon museum in  Praga District and after our last breakfast, I went alone over the Ghetto Wall and Jewish Heritage.Ghetto wall

Which was on the same street as our hotel, Złota, but a busy bypass makes to a little walk. To enter the other side of the road I had to walk through the train station, but only about 10 min walk.

Of course, we visit the Jewish Cemetry … we took tram 22 that stops just outside the entrance. Was there last year and I just love to walk around there … so wonderful green, the birds are singing and it’s so peaceful, even if it stands for one of the worst crimes against humanity ever.

I find such inner peace … there.

The “Warsaw Uprising Museum” is so beautiful done, open in 2004 ..  shows the struggle of everyday life before and during the Warsaw Uprising and the horror of occupation – which was a complex international situation – to the post-war communist terror and the fate of insurgents in the PRL.busy evening

For me personal, there is a danger when visiting Warsaw that it can be a bit too much of the dark and terrible history that this fantastic city is telling. So I do it in bits. There is so much beauty in parks, fountains, buildings and palaces and there is modern city too to enjoy. Warsaw has done a fantastic recovery …. and it has a free spirit.

I see very much Berlin in Warsaw and I love Berlin!!!!

“Chcieliśmy być wolni i wolność sobie zawdzięczać.”
(We wanted to be free, and freedom itself owe)
Jan Stanisław Jankowskihappy in the sun‘Mazurka in F minor’ by  Władysław Szpilman (1911-2000), the true piansit!!! His story was told in the book, Śmierć Miasta (The Death of a City), written by his dear friend Jerzy Waldorff. It was published in 1946 and became film in 2002 with Roman Polanski as director – The Pianist, that recieved 3 Oscars in 2003. He wrote this piece in 1942.

37 thoughts on “my warsaw days, 2016

  1. Reblogged this on 12monthsinwarsaw and commented:
    For those of you who aren’t already charmed by Viveka’s blog and who have Warsaw only through my eyes, here is her account of her visit last week. I relish her pleasure in noticing everything, in a very individual way, and her skill in becoming familiar with transport, hairdressers and quirky things like the Neon Museum. Her photos capture the way she dances through short visits, alert to every photographic, culinary and sightseeing opportunity. What a pleasure it was to see her in action!

  2. You bring the city to life, Vivi, and there’s no doubt Warsaw has plenty of that, alongside the sad memories. I must go back and look more closely at some of your lovely images but I just have to say, ‘I bought icecream at that shop’! 🙂 🙂 Love it! Sunday morning hugs 🙂

  3. Great post, Vivi, I’m reliving our visit through your images! Some great shots, you’ve really captured the essence of the place 😀

    • Thank you so much, Sue … thanks for being such fantastic travelling mate!!! You’re a true sport and you inspired me!A true pleasure to have you down the corridor.

      • Well, thank you, Vivi, for being a great tour guide and travel companion! You, too, are an inspiration 😀 Triumph over adversity for both of us !!

  4. oh wow what a brilliant post, just love the way you approach it. Feel as though I have really had a glimpse of the city and experienced some of Warsaw’s emotion. Found you thanks to Meg, and I’ll definitely be back 🙂 and maybe one day lucky enough to visit Warsaw

    • Thank you so much, Becky!!! Welcome to my “all over the place world”! It was a lot to share … when it comes to Warsaw, but there will be more specific posts from my visit. You’re welcome when ever you have the time and urge!

  5. 🙂 Dear Wivi,
    first of all thank you for your post card – I love to open my mail box and find something from you in there 😀
    Great post and lovely pictures. Hope you’re feeling better now after the heat wave in Poland.
    Many hugs xo 🙂

    • My pleasure, Dia …. so glad that you receive my cards. The weather is pleasant here in Landskrona, it rains nearly everyday .. but there is sunshine too. I really like Warsaw, so I will go back for more. Thanks for your support.

    • Thanks, Mrs Jones …. I have to start look behind me too … never thought about that. Planning to visit Porto next spring, all because of you. But first 2 weddings in Kosovo. I wish you and Mr a fantastic summer. Love!

      • I will …. where did you stay … don’t really know what area to look for hotel. I will fly, but it means a stop somewhere. Brussels it looks like. If I fly over Lisbon it means hotel nights there too, so it will not get any cheaper.

    • Yes, it’s a city I really recommend, but it can be a bit heavy it you only focus on it’s history. So much to see and do. I will go back.

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