we come from different places … volvo V90


So it’s over for Sweden … in UEFA Euro 2106.

It was our beloved Zlatan’s last turn with the Swedish national team. The match between Belgium and Sweden was his last – not playing in OS!

One of the best players in the world … second highest paid player in the world … 2015 was he,  according to Forbes magazine, the 55th highest-paid celebrity in the world, with an annual income of $ 39 million.

A massive idol for many soccer fans around the world. Especially for the young .. because Zlatan has proven that even if we don’t have  the best prospects when we start our lives …. we can manage to turn things around with dream and determination. Zlatan Ibrahimović is one of the kind player and person.

This is the second time Zlatan works with Volvo … his first commercial he did in 2014 for the Volvo S60 and now it is all about the Volvo V90. They have done 2 videos, ”Prologue” and ”Epilogue” – Made by Sweden

In 2014 he was “singing” the Swedish anthem. This year Volvo went to Hollywood and my favorite film music composer, Hans Zimmer. A composer  that needs no introduction, he’s a world-renowned and Academy Award-winning artist.

Movies like the Gladiator, the Dark Knight, Pirates Of The Caribbean, Last Samurai, and Interstellar …  “I’ve always been a fan of Swedish icons such as Abba and Zlatan, so doing this project with Volvo Cars and Zlatan made me experience the best of Sweden. Working together has been truly rewarding.”

I just love both videos … because it’s about more than a car, but I wouldn’t mind the car. And the music ……. ear candy.

Thank you, Zlatan …. for all the 15 magical years wearing blue&yellow.

And all the best with Manchester Untied!

“You can go your own way, but never forget where you come from”
Zlatan Ibrahimović

Featured image provided and thanks to: boxfox1.com

7 thoughts on “we come from different places … volvo V90

  1. I don’t know much about him (is that his real family in the second commercial?) but I used to share country with Croatians and Bosnians. Honour comes to mind, and soul. I’m glad to see Swedes love him so much. I’m sure it’s mutual.

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