day out in my home town (part 2)

I would have loved to be able to do this post the following day … after my first part ( –  but life happened.

The first part was all about the Ingrid Bergman exhibition at our museum, the rise, and fall of Ingrid Bergman. I grew up with her and her fantastic movies.NV 6

This part will be about “Non-Violence”, sculptures and drawing. Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd’s Non-Violence that the museum shows too. A renown and global symbol today all over the world. . The sculpture features a 357 Magnum revolver with its barrel tied in a knot and was made by Reuterswärd in response to the shooting death of John Lennon in 1980.landksrona gun

Our sculpture here in Landskrona is the only one with double knots. The sculptures are made in bronze.

He has also done a knot on Landskrona’s CHP plant’s funnel, the plant is called the “Energy Knot”.

Reuterswärd was born 1934, in Stockholm. He began studying art Fernand Léger in Paris in 1951 and had his first exhibition there in 1952.

You will find his sculpture at about 30 places around the world:

Bagers plats, Malmö – Sweden (original)
United Nations Headquarters New York – USA (original)
European Commission, Kirchberg – Luxembourg (original)
Chaoyang Park, Beijing – China
Federal Chancellery, Berlin – Germany
Sergelgatan, Stockholm – Sweden
Kungsportsavenyen, Gothenburg – Sweden
Lilla Samskolan, Gothenburg – Sweden
Anna Lindh park Borås – Sweden
Mémorial de Caen, Caen – France
Olympic Museum, Lausanne – Switzerland
Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, Cape Town – South Africa
The Museum of Sketches Lund – Sweden
Roslagsbanan station Täby, Stockholm – Sweden
Fittja metro station, Stockholm – Sweden
Åkeshov metro station, Stockholm – Sweden
Brogatan, Halmstad – Sweden
Liverpool – Untied Kingdom
Landskrona Museum, Landskrona – Sweden
Green Hotel, Tällberg – Sweden
Miami – Untied Kingdom
London – Untied Kingdom
Los Angeles – USA
Oahu, Hawaii – USA

Reuterswärd, who has long lived in Switzerland, was the end of his life living in Fortuna outside Landskrona, where he also had his studio. He passed away 6th of May this year, 81 years old. His legacy lives on during his magnificent sculptures and his Non-Violence Project.

After spending time with Reuterswärd was it time for lunch and we took bus 5 out the little fishing village, Bostahusen. The sun was very gentle to us. We decided to enjoy fresh fish of course at one of the fishmongers shop and restaurant. I went for a fish burger and a Magnum Strawberry White that contains 250 kcal. *smileBV 3

Just across the “street” at the Pumphuset Art Gallery did we delight ourselves with Bertil Vallien’s beautiful drawings and glass art.BV 11

Vallien was born in 1938, in Stockholm too and still a very active glass worker (78 years old). He studied at Konstfack in Stockholm and 2012 he join Kosta glassworks, after 39 with Åfors glassworks. At Kosta, he has primarily been known for casting the molten glass in the sand, sand casting. With this technique, he has made iridescent glass sculptures of boats and heads.

He fell in love with Ulrica, both studied at the ceramic college in Stockholm – and they lived in sin for many years, but suddenly they decided to get married without any bigger fuss, in 1967.BV 4

Two years later arrived Mattias was born in 1969 and Mark. Mattias tragically drowned in the pond a year and a half old.

He often use the head of his deceased son Mattias  in his art.

After a nice cup of coffee did my friend Iris take the bus .. to the station for returning home to Klippan. We had a fantastic day … and Landskrona have once again … delighted us with a fantastic day out. Landskrona is one the kind of town … but not all is sunny like our day.

We could do with a lot more Non-Violence!!!!!!!

“Imagine all the people
Living life in peace..”
John Lennon
town flag


19 thoughts on “day out in my home town (part 2)

  1. Hi my beautiful friend, Viveka – thanks so much for the most recent postcard! You are so kind and I am so slack – have gone off blogging for awhile. Much love to you!

    • Julie, my special friend …. glad that you receive my cards and for telling. I think you have all the right in the world to be slack! *smile
      A hug full of love to you and your boys!!!!!

  2. Vivi, I was just telling myself I really don’t have time to read this one, but the glass art is phenomenal! I LOVE those two faces 🙂 Sunday hugs, sweetheart!

    • Yes, I love that piece too … only cost 7.500 pound. *Smile – I hope you have time to see the little video about Bertil. Getting read for Sue and Warsaw now. It’s going to be hot-HOT!!! +28-31. Help us!!!!! Monday Evening Hug.

      • Oh, poor you! We are still struggling to reach 20C 😦 Have a great time and give Sue a hug from me. (and keep one for yourself 🙂 )

      • Good Morning, today do we get some more rain … we need a lot more, but nature is recovering. I promise I will give her a hug … but I keep the biggest to my self. *laughter – Here comes a Tueday hug in return. Keep your feet dry!!!!

      • Jo, I really hope that the sun will keep you company from now on. Had a fantastic morning, at the airport now .. and it’s all cloudy, but warm and warmer it’s going to be in Warsaw. First on the program … after hotel check in … HAIRDRESSER!!!!! Big take off hug.

  3. 🙂 Thank you for this interesting story and for the lovely pictures, dear Wivi!
    So true – we could do with a lot less violence in this world!!!

    I had a big ice cream today. Fresh from the shop. Yummy 😀
    Many hugs xoxo 🙂

    • Thank you for your support. I have only had one ice cream .. in this terrible heat and that was on Saturday, the famous Polish one … Grycan. Very good. It has been more about water. Yesterday we got a downfall and thunder, so the air is a lot lighter. Time to have breakfast and visit the Ghetto Wall, before checking out. HaveAGoodWeek Hug.

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