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(Akusai wa hyaku-nen no fusaku)
A bad wife is a ruin of her husband.”

I don’t think I have any images from any event … how sad isn’t that???? But during my visit in Japan during April 2015 … was I lucky to have a Sunday in Tokyo and of course I visit the Meiji Shrine, in hope of see some wedding processions and I became very lucky – I saw 4 of them.newly wed

A Japanese wedding usually involves a traditional pure white kimono for the formal ceremony, symbolizing purity and maidenhood. The bride may change into a red kimono for the events after the ceremony for good luck. The white kimono is called shiromuku (白無垢) and  which is a tradition that only came to Japan in the 20th century.

The bride’s hood (wataboshi / 綿帽子) is similar to the veil worn in the west, in that the bride is hidden until the point in the ceremony when she is unveiled to her groom.taken of the moment

When the hood is removed, a traditional Edo period oiled hairstyle (usually a wig, these days) is revealed, along with various hair ornaments (kanzashi / 簪) and a sort of headband called a tsunokakushi (角隠し), which is said to hide the bride’s horns of jealousy and symbolize her resolve to become an obedient wife.

The red umbrella is very symbolic of Japanese weddings. The color red in Japan means life and wards off evils.



Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Events

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