sl-week 48; silhouette

“Shadows of what you’ll become. Silhouettes.”
Jeff Hirsch

Centennial Fountain night

The Centennial Fountain in Chicago on the evening of 4th of July 2012 – one of my absolute favorite images. For my followers and blogging friends this is an image I been using for years. control tower on fire

but I want to add a new image of the public bath’s observing tower in Landskrona in a beautiful sunset a couple of weeks ago.


12 thoughts on “sl-week 48; silhouette

  1. I love the ‘old friend’ but the colours in the new one are lovely, Vivi. Getting ready for another Polish trip? Hope you’re keeping well. Have a great week!

    • Thank you, Girlfriend … I’m doing fine, but I’m “pissed off” with the Swedish taxman … that suddenly want me to pay tax in Sweden on my UK pension. 31%. So I got a back tax on 2.500 pounds today. So I’m in a really annoying mood. And UK say the pension is tax free and the taxman say that only if I live in UK. So less travelling for me now. But Warsaw is on, but I’m not going to turn over my money without a fight that I know that I will not win. *laughing

      • That’s a lot, Vivi! 😦 Small instalments on a ‘never, never’ basis if you have to but if you keep writing letters you can defer it for a long time, maybe… 😦

      • Jo, the Swedish taxman is the worst in EU … and it’s only big companies that get away with not paying tax … the little man they take everything they can from. But I will tell them what I think about the system. I haven’t cost the Sweden a penny for over 23 years .. but they are still going to let me pay for those years. NO maybe … with the Swedish tax-system. *laughing

  2. What the UK people didn’t tell you is it would only be tax free if it was your only pension, Vivi……once you go over a certain amount we have to pay tax… Grrr

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