a cozy sunny day on the continent

I have lived most of adult life in Gothenburg – until I started to work abroad in 1989 – 2009, and while living there Denmark was a part of the continent. Today living in Landskrona Denmark is just some steps away.

proudly flyingOn Monday, 6h of June was it the Swedish National Day … and since 2005 has it been a public holiday and not a lot is going on in Sweden, more than there is handed out some flag to organisations. We are not patriots like the Americans, French and Norwegians, that really celebrate.

A beautiful sunny day with a very welcoming strong wind.

So my friend, Bärbel, and I decide to do a day trip to lovely Helsingør that is just across the water from Helsingborg. It takes in total 45min from Landskrona, first by train and then by ferry, to Helsingør.

Especially in the summer is Helsingør a nice place to spend a day. It has great pedestrian streets with nice cafes, restaurants and individual small shops. And the alcohol is much cheaper over there too.

We did a little bit of shopping, but no alcohol. I bought spices and Bärbel bought a pair of very comfortable Scholl’s sandals … for less than half price compare to Sweden. Even if the Danish krona is 25% higher than the Swedish.

We walked around on the back streets … had great coffee in the sunshine … and had an awful dinner.

On the Axeltorv (Axel Sq), which is the town center,  I notice that some cobblestones have names in them – what I understand is there in total 500+. Stones that the people in Helsingør paid for to get their names in engraved to raise money to a fantastic skate park, Multiparken (for next day trip).paving stones Axel Sq

That food we had before we returned to the ferry was terrible … never happened to me ever in Denmark. I started my chef career in Denmark and is there one thing the Danish know is it their beer, open sandwiches, breakfast rolls, Danish pastry, snaps and food. One of the worst prepared dishes I had … can’t even remember when maybe on a pub in Dover 1991. the worlds oldest flag

I ordered one of Denmark national dishes; pan-fried liver with bacon and mushrooms. What I got was a liver dry as shoe soles .. and bacon that had been kept lukewarm for quite some time and the mushrooms came out of a tin .. and sauce made from powder ….. and it didn’t come cheap. not to recommend

But that happens we you don’t look for a place away from the tourist routes – but if you ever will visit Helsingør stay clear away from “Cafeteria San Remo” on Stengade.

Our dinner saver was 2 massive cinnamon buns that we bought at one of the supermarkets – that we enjoyed the ferry journey back to Sweden.

“The kitchen can be a scary place.”
danish cinnamon bun

5 thoughts on “a cozy sunny day on the continent

    • Loisa, yes …. the cinnamon buns made up for the dinner. True, not very often I have a bad meal … and especially in Denmark. I think it’s the first time, but life goes on. *laughing

    • Sorry, I have missed this … I had a really nice weekend – a bit too much sun .. sat in the backyard and burned myself. But tomorrow the iffy weather is coming in. I don’t mind because mother Earth need something to drink. I wish you a great week and here comes a duvet hug.

      • No worries, honeybun. 🙂 The Queens’s 90th birthday celebrations in the village were a bit of a damp squib, but I don’t suppose she minds.

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