when the sun has set ….

kissed by the sunset

For over a week have we had hot summer days …. too hot for comfort, but I don’t dare to complain. *smile. Mother Earth is screaming after rain!!!!

After dinner on my balcony this evening, my friend and I decided to go down to the seafront and soak in the cloud free sunset. We were not alone with that thought.

About 2 hours did we sit there and watch the sun down behind the island of Ven and Oscar loved nearly everything I put him against.

We truly live in a beautiful place.

A sunset without clouds means another sunny day tomorrow …. that means I have to do my ironing on the balcony in the morning. This evening before we left for the seafront I had +44C/+111.2F on my balcony. As I said too hot for comfort.

I wish you a pleasant Sunday!!!!

“When the sun has set,
no candle can replace it.”
George R.R. Martin

evening swim

16 thoughts on “when the sun has set ….

    • Yes, we had a fantastic evening … but I’m afraid that tomorrow is going to be hot again. No rain … but we heard some thunder on distance. SMHI are showing another full week of sunshine, but with a little bit of clouds. Wednesday full blast .. here. We could do with some rain, poor flowers and all the lawns. Our beautiful parks starts to look tired.

      • They do look tired…and the lilacs were very short this year…the heat and the wind finished them too soon.

    • Thank you so much, Frank …. it’s going to be another HOT today … and amazing sunset, already +23C/73.4F and I haven’t had my breakfast yet. Have a great week .. and keep on dancing. Been watching Nyle …. what an amazing guy.

    • Manja, thank you so much …. yes, I was luck that there was so much people around at the seafront – and that my camera manage to provided good images on long distance, because in Sweden there is a law against taking photos of people without their approval. That’s why I often take photos on people from behind .. and in a way that their faces are not shown. We still enjoy the Swedish summer at it’s best, but we could do with some rain. Happy holiday to you too.

  1. Glorious sunset photos, Vivi! 🙂 The sun finally reached us on Sunday afternoon and we’ve had 2 lovely days. Not going to last so I celebrated it while I could.

  2. Some beautiful photographs Vive, especially the sunsets. We have had some brilliant weather here too (apart from yesterday). Not the kind of weather you want to be slaving in a hot kitchen though! 😀 lol

    • ThAaAaaank you, Barry …. so glad that the sun is with you too. Today we had a well needed rest from the sun. It has been a little too much and we need some rain … the nature looks dehydrated. No, hot weather is for the garden or the beach. *smile

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