mr & mrs clark (a bride with a “serious ass”)

toke 13 yearsOn Friday 13th of May, two of my favorite people up in Scotland got married after being together for 13 years.

It was a true honor for me to be invited to the wedding because it’s now 7 years since I disappeared from their everyday life when I finish my work with Stena Line and moved back to Sweden in 2009. James was once one of my fabulous chefs. heart

When I met the bride, Yvonne, in the end in January and asked her if she had picked her dress … she said yes and showed me on her smartphone a couple of dresses she had been looking on and one of the them stood really out, the image was from behind and when I saw it I gave a remark … to wear this dress the bride needs one serious ass. A perfect dress for J-Lo. decorations

So I flew into Edinburgh and gave myself a 3-night treat in a very Spring-full city … did absolute nothing more than soak in the city, the sunshine … and all the amazing flowers + a little shopping. No “tourisiting” at all.

On Thursday I took the direct bus down to Stranraer … and there the sun was even warmer. Stayed with my dear friends Jimmy and Fiona, the best B&B in town.

The wedding was held in a public garden, that I didn’t know about – even if it was only around the corner from my office in Dunragit. A stunning setting for an outdoor wedding.

There were a couple of kilts … but not that many as I hoped for … and the most beautiful tartan was worn by the groom and his male troop,  the Eternity tartan. love

A lovely intimate ceremony with the garden pond as background, about 70 people. The weather was perfect, not to warm, but the sun was showing a friendly face. A very relaxed ceremony with laughter and big smiles.

After the ceremony was it champagne, great food, meeting people that I hadn’t seen for years … and after dinner, more people arrived for a party. During the evening, the bride came up to me … and turned her backside to me and asked; Is it serious enough???!!!. She was wearing THE dress. She carried the dress beautifully, she was ravishing  … and her “ass” made it true justice. *laughing.

At midnight we all … got our lifts home and … a fantastic day had come to an end. Everything was so well planned and arranged, but the finale transport for the groom and his bride to go home wasn’t done.

James said very proudly when he booked their taxi: For Mr. and Mrs Clark.!! And that is what they are going to be …. FOREVER!!!! They are just made for each other. look of love

Dear Yvonne and James, I’m so honored and happy that you invited me
to share your very special day, your love and your happiness. So happy that you are moored side by side under the same name: Clark!!!

i take you

“Happiness [is] only real when shared”
Jon Krakauer

26 thoughts on “mr & mrs clark (a bride with a “serious ass”)

  1. Fabulous! 🙂 🙂 Nothing like a really lovely wedding to bring a smile, Vivi, and this was certainly that. One serious ass too 🙂 🙂 Big hugs, darlin’. Have a great weekend!

    • I totally agree with you … I love weddings!!!! It’s getting less and less of them in my age *smile But I have 2 in Kosovo in July … and I could attend to other in Stranrear in July too, but too close to the Kosovo. A busy wedding summer. *smile This was a fabulous day.

  2. Good grief! You’ll need lots of hankies! Can’t respond to your comments on the photos. I accidentally started to download Windows 10 and I’m not sure if my poor old laptop will survive. It’s like me-out of the ark. Reduced to commenting on my phone. Could be one of those days! Good job I got to you early xxx

    • I hope that windows 10 will work for you … but if it has been offered to you by Microsoft on your laptop it will be okay. I quite like Windows 10. Easy to use. Good luck … !!!! So pleased with the comments I got so fare. *smile

      • That’s an awful long time … shouldn’t take more then 60 min. I hope that it will work out for you, but I doubt if it’s still caring on … what program did you have before????

    • Loisa, thank you so much ….. for your lovely comment. It was a fantastic day …. just enough of everything. Yes, they are a very good looking couple – always been.

  3. I have been on the lookout for this…and still missed it with several days! I love weddings, but as you say…we seldom get some of this. And now I know why – You have got all of them! What lovely photos and what a lovely couple. Thank you for the treat!

    • My pleasure …. I had to be in the right place to do this post … so I got it so right as possible. Yesterday I had 600 viewers!!! All their friends, families and colleague. I sent the link to the bride and a chain reaction. *smile – Love weddings too … same here – more funerals those days, but this summer … they have been falling over me. Yes, Yvonne and James are so suitable for easy … and they are a truly lovely couple. This post was a pleasure to make. More in August from Kosovo. Thank you for taken the time to read and comment.

      • Viveka, I wrote somewhere a thank you for the beautiful Sopot postcard, but I do not know where! So, thank you again for thinking of me! Much appreciated!

  4. What a lovely wedding! Great photos, Wivi, looks like a great time…. I hardly ever go to weddings now. Oh, and thanks for the Sopot postcard! By the way, I sent you a couple of emails recently, haven’t had a reply….

    • Hi there, welcome home … and thanks for the nice comment. Haven’t received any emails …. so far. Was thinking of writing to you tomorrow. Going on a day trip to Denmark today. Have a great week.

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