cee’s fun foto challenge; skylines and street life


Warsaw Palace of Culture and Science, July-2015

cloud gate - the bean ... chicago

Cloud Gate, Chicago – July, 2012night walkers

The Legion Bridge, Prauge – March 2016

HK skyliners

Hong Kong Business District, April – 2015

seattle skyliners

Seattle Skyline,  July – 2012

home street

The Grand Central and the Chrysler Building, New York – Sept-2013

traffic madness

Taksim Square, Istanbul – Dec, 2014

“We shape our buildings;
thereafter they shape us.”
Winston Churchill



Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: All about Cities (Skylines to Street Photography)


20 thoughts on “cee’s fun foto challenge; skylines and street life

      • Travel less this year … I think. *smile … once per month would be perfect. *smile You are not so bad yourself.

      • Well, this year a bit too much…I have started gardening again as I have more spare time. In this heat everything woud have been dead if I had gone with him to Italy now.

      • How do you manage to be out in the garden in this heat????? … I guess you have it warmer where you are than he has in Italy. Can see it in our parks how the nature suffer just now … and no rain in sight on this site.

      • Some rain and thunder last night – 6mm…but otherwise nothing. I go out in the early morning and in late evening…but then there are these tiny things bzzzzing and bites…

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