two has become nine

perfect day for laundryToday we have a fantastic summer day … with a strong wind from East and not a cloud on the sky. Today is my first day of real Swedish summer for 2016. Had a summer dress on … for the first time this year. It can’t get any better than this.

After some hours of sun-drinking by the castle together with my friend … we made our way to check out my Swan couple and to find out this year’s result. Last time I visit them was in the beginning of April and she was brooding.

Today they was proudly presenting 7 beautiful cygnets about 7-10 days old … and cutest of cutest. Had some bread with me and the whole family were very hungry.

Last year they only got 4 … so it wonderful that they are back to being a big family again.

“Family is not an important thing.
It’s everything.” 
Michael J. Foxgroup swim


17 thoughts on “two has become nine

    • Thank you so much, Loisa …. I wish you the same. Yes, the swan family is my private joy and 7 small ones. *smile – so happy for them.

    • Yes, I find such a joy in “my family” and this year … 7 small ones. Have a lovely week and I hope the sun is on your back too. Big breakfast hug.

  1. Oh, aren’t they adorable – and I’m happy for them too – getting 7 little ones. Last year was a true catastrophe for most birds here. Cold and wet spring. This year it is very good for them – but too much for me today…29 degrees C…and poor Totti – they do not come with a zipper, do they.

    • Yes, last year … she took good time and only 4 small ones. So happy that they are a big family again. We had a very hot day too yesterday and the strong wind was a blessing. Yes, I understand that Totti is suffering. I feel so sorry for all the dogs that is taken for long walks in the middle day in the hot sun. It looks like he has to suffer for the rest of the week. Poor little one.

      • I threw him in the lake yesterday – he loved it. Today has been another day when i have stayed mostly indoors. In the cellar, in the least warm place of the house. How are you managing?

      • We had a great breeze yesterday … but still it was a bit too warm for comfort. We are not build for heat like this, but today I will take a walk down to the seafront. On Tuesday we had full storm, very nice. I spent my childhood hot summer days in my grandma’s cellar too. Great place to be. I really suffer with all the doggies that is dragged out for walks in the middle of the day. You’re a good woman! *smile

      • Well, cellars are very good for many things. And You are a good woman! Today I got a lovely postcard from Sopot, and you seemed to be quite all right…;-D But there were things happening in the streets – do you know what? Thank you again, dear Viveka, for this!
        Today we had 33.5 degrees, and I am almost dead.

  2. Gorgeous creatures! Back in Sweden so soon? I can’t keep up with you 🙂 I noticed that while our weather was cool and grey and struggling at 12C yours was 18+ yesterday. I refuse to sulk! 🙂 🙂

    • I’m back in Sweden …. we have full summer just now .. been like this since the weekend. Leaving for Warsaw with Sue on 22nd … so 3 weeks to prepare my part of the program. *smile – so sorry that you don’t have our weather.

    • Sorry, I have missed your comment. We had some fantastic summer weather for a whole week now .. nearly, but it starts to be a bit too warm for comfort … but there is nothing so wonderful as to put on a summer dress for the first time …and give the feet some freedom in a pair of sandals.
      It looks like the heatwave is staying with us until Sunday. Sweden isn’t built for temperatures like this .. but I’m not complaining. I hope you still have the sun on your back and in your face. *smile

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