so seductive – sopot, poland

sand, sea and skyHave now been home for nearly a week… since I returned from my fabulous 5 nights in beautiful and peaceful SOPOT at the Polish Riviera. Located between Gdansk and Gdynia …. in  the same size as Landskrona, around 39.000 people are living there and I don’t dare to think how many there is during the summer months. not a cloud

It was fairly busy, but not overcrowded – just a nice amount … we chose a great time to visit. There was activities going on over the weekend. A free concert that we missed because we chose to have dinner at a restaurant next to our apartment.

My Polish friends, Magdalena, and Raf took me for dinner during my visit to Gdansk in September last year and I fell in love at first sight. So soon I was back home again …. I booked both apartment and flight straight away.sopot night view

When my friend Bärbel saw the pictures from the few hours I spent there she wanted to come along … and we had a fantastic time. We both enjoyed every minute we spent at this sparkling gem.swan beach life

We flew from Copenhagen’s Airport to Gdansk and had pre-booked a taxi that was waiting there for us .. because there are no direct connections to Sopot from the airport – have to go into Gdansk to be able to take a train to Sopot. The taxi ride takes about 20 min and costs about 70Plz/16€/12£/$18.

We rented a fantastic apartment that was situated 100 meters from the white sandy beach and 200 meters to the town center. 3 bedrooms, 2 massive bathrooms and a lovely kitchen from Sanhaus Apartments and the the service they provided was outstanding. We paid 2750Plz/625€/478£/$670 and it was worth every Zloty.beach walk

We only had breakfast at the apartment, because Sopot have some brilliant restaurants that don’t break the bank account. Plenty of mini-markets everywhere … and by Sopot station, there is a small farmer market with wonderful flowers, fruit, and vegetables.

And every evening we enjoyed creative dishes and great wines. Service was superb everywhere.  Will come back to our gourmet adventures.pure summer

The weather was sunny but a bit chilly the first 3 days, but the last 2 the summer arrived in full glory. We spent the days good sleep in … walking around … drinking in the sunshine at some nice cafe … walking in the sand … a little bit of shopping … half a day at SPA … a day trip to Gdansk to meet up with Magdalena and baby Nina, 7 months old.set to wait

The only MUST we came to Sopot with was to treat ourselves at a SPA. Something I really recommend. I had a full body massage, facial cleaning, and mask …. plus eyebrow shaping, 3 hours and to a cost of 220 Plz/51€/38£/$56 with 20% tips the sunset

There are beauty salons and beauty clinics everywhere. Plastic surgery is a big business in Poland, but not for me. Not even Botox, even if I only had to cross the street.

For being a Sea resort was there a lot of young people both day and night – and they were very well behaved, no screaming and no bench drinking, but we didn’t join the night scene as such. We didn’t notice anything if there were. park beauties

In Sopot were the tulips and the lilacs blooming at the same time … a bit wired but very beautiful and the smell in the evening when walking back home … MAGICAL.

all mine

Neither of us wanted to go home, but we had packed the wrong clothes if the summer would be more intense – but we have decided to go back next year again.beach walk in the sunset

We can’t find one negative thing to say about Sopot, more than that the elderly generation (mine) didn’t smile a lot and wasn’t very friendly. Maybe they are sick of all tourists. Young people, on the other hand, a totally different attitude.

As most times when I’m out and about, there is a full moon! Sopot, you seduced us!!!!!

“All beautiful things must end.
Otherwise they are not beautiful.”
Zan Perrionsopot full moon

19 thoughts on “so seductive – sopot, poland

  1. You really do get around, Viveka! I just received your postcard from Scotland. Hope you saw lots of “sexy men in kilts.” 😀 Gorgeous photo gallery here too. Such lovely flowers, and I loved seeing the lighthouse out in the ocean.

    • Sylvia, thank you so much for your kind comment. Glad that the postcard has arrived. Didn’t take that long … yes, this summer is there a destination every month. Can’t complain. *smile

  2. 🙂 Dear Wivi,
    thanks for the beautiful pictures and the story. I envy you when it comes to your travels. Fantastic! I’m still playing the lottery… one of these days…
    By the way, the QEII is in Hamburg now for some “restorations”. She’s for 3 weeks in a dock now.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Many hugs xoxo 🙂

    • Dia, didn’t win a penny yesterday … but I’m carrying on …. playing. QEII will happen one day for us, with or without win. It was a truly magical stay we had in Sopot. A true jewel and so cheap. I wish you a fantastic Hamburg. Duvet hugs …

  3. It seduced you. You seduced me!!! I’ve just booked for a few days in Gdańsk, although the place you stayed in was full for my dates. It looks like I’ll have to go back. I love your photo galleries – they give a really expansive view of the place.

    • You will love Gdansk … and you can do a day trip by train to Sopot. Takes about 20 min. Thank you so much for the lovely comment. I have done a couple of posts about Gdansk …. I recommend a restaurant by name Bellevue .. that is situated close to Hilton hotel. Enjoy!!!!

      • I recorded details from your Gdańsk posts, because I knew I’d go there sometime – for Solidarity, for Amber and for the Baltic. Nearly time for your trip to Warsaw?

      • Yes, only a couple of weeks left now. Looking forward to it. Have to go back to my hairdresser the first thing I go. *smile – also looking forward to meet you. Have found a nice restaurant for our girly date!!!! We are staying at Mercure Warszawa Centrum.

      • You really are in the centre of things. I was a bit anxious about choosing a place to meet, knowing your expertise. But i should’ve known you’d be on top of it! What restaurant? This blogging world is spooling me: first Jo and now you and Sue.

      • We couldn’t get a good price on Hampton by Hilton … and Mercure is on the same distance to the railway and buses. A colorful place by name Sheesha in walking distance from our hotel. Have to think about Sue.

  4. I’ve forgotten whatever I was going to say cos I was just reading your conversation with Meg. Jealous! 🙂 🙂 She is wonderful and you’ll have such a happy time together. Sue… maybe next year for me. She was planning a September visit to the north east but life (and health) gets in the way. Reminds me, I have to plan her a Portuguese itinerary!
    Baltic for me, some day I hope. Let me know when you plan it for next time. Oh yes- comments… Summer sandals! 🙂 And I would haggle for that chair. Hugs, Vivi! I love our blogging world. Cheers me up in grey old England.

    • Don’t forget to plan me into a Portuguese itinerary !!!!!! I’m really looking forward to meet Meg … I know we will have a great time. Because your date in Lodz am I planning to visit Lodz, when they have their Famous light show on in October, if I can get a cheap flight. There is direct airport buses from Warsaw airport to Lodz.
      I’m going back in May next year … if not before.
      The summer sandals I had on a couple of days before Sopot – here at home, we had very good weather – but it didn’t feel like summer .. as it did yesterday. I love to have you in my life, dearest Girlfriend.

      • Lodz should be amazing for the light show! I’d better dust off my planning hat 🙂 So far only a Tavira week in Early July for Mick’s birthday and a lazy holiday for James. Hugs, sweetheart 🙂

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