26 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – jubilant

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    • Sorry, I have missed your comment here. Yes, they look so happy together. I wish them all the best for their life as husband and wife.
      Thanks for caring … I’m doing fine .. we have summer just now and I enjoy every minute of it. *smile … problems and health is stable. *laughing
      How about yourself???!!!! Still in Hamburg???

    • Janet, they really did look happy … it was only them and their female photographer. It was a joy to see how happy they were and having a good time in that beautiful setting.

    • Hi there, Girlfriend …. where are you .. I have been on your blog and nothing happened there for a long time. I have sent you postcards and no response – have you left Chicago??? I’m doing fine .. just back from 5 days at the Polish Riviera. It was wonderful.

      • I am now in the Philippines (Baguio City) and enjoying my retirement. Suddenly I find myself taking care of 3 college students with a helper to assist me so they keep me busy plus a house to take care of. I am traveling to Hawaii next month for a break. Am trying to get my mojo back in blogging. Hopefully soon!

      • Bebs, so glad that you are HOME!!!! Hawaii, sound wonderful …. a destination I could see myself at *smil and it’s good that you keep yourself busy … and don’t relax too much. What about new email address for you – or do you have the same??? So lovely to hear from you. Have been thinking about you so much and sending postcards. Have a lovely weekend.

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