between a and b …. and back, with 923


From Edinburgh to Stranraer it takes about 4 hours, with bus. A very scenery route along green fields with mountains in the background, through Glasgow streets … Ayr and Girvan … along the Ayrshire coastline with a stunning view of the island Ailsa Craig.

It’s Citylink’s bus 923 that does the journey 3 times per day.

It was fantastic weather both days of my travel, but on my return to Edinburgh the wind was icing cold.

I tried to catch some of the many new born lambs out on the green fields, but every time I had a cute creature in sight the bus toke up the speed, so no luck with my lamb hunting.

On the return journey to Edinburgh there was a car accident in Ayr – the cars was quite damaged but nobody seems to been seriously injured. One police man got the traffic floating very quickly, but our driver had to deal with some headless drivers along the route.

Bonnie Scotland, you and your people always embrace me.

“Bonnie Scotland I adore thee,
Though I’m far across the sea.
With loneliness before me,
My thoughts lie back with thee.
Oh my country I can see it noo –
The bonny heather braes.
An dreams of all my childhood there,
Bring back such happy days.

Bonnie ….. Scotland
Whaur the life is braw
Ma hert is aye in Scotland,
Though I am far awa.
Take me back amang the wild woods,
An view the rowan tree.
Tae wander by yer ain wee hoose,
It’s aye sae dear tae me.

Dear tae me, it’s dear tae me.”

ocean meet land

All images are taken from bus 923 …. and I was lucky that Oscar was willing to be on his best behavior. I think we did a pretty good job, consider 98% of them is taken in max limited line

28 thoughts on “between a and b …. and back, with 923

  1. 🙂 Dear Wivi,
    thank you so much – I had your postcard in the mail on Friday! What a lovely surprise!
    Looks like you had a good journey.
    Waiting for the pictures of the men in kilts 😉
    Many hugs & sleep tight! xo 🙂

    • Glad you got it, my pleasure …. there wasn’t that many in kilt !!!! And the kilts that was there didn’t stand still. *smile – there will be a post about the wedding. Very romantic and lovely. Time for bed here too. Duvet hug.

  2. Scotland is definitely on my list of places to visit. Hopefully next year we’ll get to the UK to visit my son and his new wife and perhaps we can include a trip to Scotland while we’re there. Beautiful photos, as always. I hope my new camera is as cooperative as your Oscar is when we go to Italy in July.

    • Yes, Carol … you have to visit Scotland – you will love it and it’s people.
      Sure that your camera will not let you and Italy down … just to click on everything and more than one time. Are a little envy on your fantastic Italy trip. Have to make time for Italy. Have a lovely week.

  3. Looks a very scenic route – but 4 hours on a bus would not be for me, I would have to take the train (and swallow the cost 😟)

    • Out of two “evil” things … train and bus – bus is far better, otherwise I had to change station in Glasgow … and train in Ayr up and over a bridge with luggage – no lift.
      Bus much quicker. Door to door. Nothing to do with cost … all about comfort and the buses are so comfortable. Beautiful route, never get tired of it.

    • Thanks, A-C! Yes, I agree with you …. Scotland is very special … nature and the people. I didn’t want to go home yesterday. But Sopot is waiting on Thursday.

  4. Considering it’s just ‘over the Border’ I don’t spend enough time there. I used to once but life moved on. Shame 😦 Amazing photos from a bus, Vivi! Stay well, and enjoy Poland 🙂 🙂

    • I think we should have a coffee hug in Edinburgh. I just love the city and the people. Thank you so much for the nice words about the images. I personal think they came out great – at least the one I posted. Also have the post about the wedding, but no time just now. *smile After Poland. I promise I will do my best to have a great time. Morning hug.

      • I will look forward to the wedding photos and we’ll talk about Edinburgh when you’re back. Slightly rainy hugs 🙂 Off to ta’i chi soon then meeting a friend with Polish connections.

      • Jo …. is back! Full speed forward. *laughing. I’m sure you will have a great day with your Polish connection – doesn’t matter sunshine or rain. Packing hug. *smile

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