some flowers of scotland

castle in springtimeSunshine and clear blue sky …. but the wind is nippy. It’s truly wonderful to be back for a couple of days …. blooming cherry trees and Princes Street Gardens beautiful in the Spring wardrobe as always. I wasn’t alone in the parks.

Given myself 3 nights here in this beautiful and friendly city before I take the bus to Stranraer on Thursday and a very special Scottish wedding, the wedding between Yvonne and James … so looking forward to all the men in their kilts. So sexy.

Dear Yvonne and James, I hope with all my heart that this fantastic weather will still be around for Your Big Day!!!!love kilts

“There’s no leaving Edinburgh,
No shifting it around: it stays with you, always”
Alan Bold

20 thoughts on “some flowers of scotland

  1. Looks like you are having a great time, Wivi! Oh, if you send postcards to my old address, they will be redirected and find me…I’ll give you the new one in Warsaw….

    • Thanks, Sue … I have a splendid time. Just back from a fantastic dinner off the Royal Mile. Last night it was freezing cold .. this evening it was very pleasant walking back to the hotel. I will send a card from Sopot to the old address. *smile

    • Sylvia, I just love the Spring!!!! Yes, I was lucky it’s wasn’t more windy.. *smile I promise I will do my best … and make sure I will have a great time. I will meet a lot of people .. that I haven’t seen for a while. So looking forward to it. Thank you, Sylvia.

    • Sarah … the city is full of Spring flowers … and sunshine. Scotland is very temperamental when it comes to weather, but I think we will have an other great day tomorrow again. Thanks for your kind comment.

      • Oh you know how it is all over the UK!! We never know what season’s coming next 😉 It’s been tipping it down with rain here today and looks likely for tomorrow too but I think we’re due a reprieve for Thursday 🙂 Colder again at the weekend though nobody seems to be certain just how cold!! Keeping the winter duvet on just in case 😉 My brother got back from the wedding he went to in Scotland yesterday and they’d had a wonderful time! It’s been fun looking through his photos as the groom is a friend he’s had for over 15yrs so I know them all well 🙂

      • Looking out from my hotel window .. it looks like the sun is still here in Edinburgh … time to take the bus over to Stranraer / I truly hope they will get a sunny day tomorrow. The weather we can do very little about.
        Been to a couple of weddings here in Scotland through the years … and they have always been loads of joy and great parties. So this be no different.
        Back in Edinburgh for a one night on Sunday and flying back home on Monday. But on Thursday I will fly to Sopot/Gdansk … I hope the weather will be warm and nice then … so we can walk bare legged in the sand. Have a lovely weekend.

      • Oh Scottish weddings are always a lot of fun 😀 Did the bride get played in by the piper? Great tradition! The last Scottish wedding I went to was my cousin’s and it all got very messy after the Laird took us down to his whisky bar in the cellar 😉 My brother got on the piano in there and it turned into a very late night drinking, singing and dancing!

  2. Isn’t this a beautiful time of year Vivi? The Tulipany are everywhere in Poland too. Love that shot of blossom and lamp post. I didn’t know you were going to a wedding. Enjoy your Highland fling and I’ve got my fingers crossed for sunshine xxx

    • Girlfriend, it truly is … I just LOoOoOOve the spring. I was invited when I visit in Febr. One of my former chefs are getting married. Maybe I should give a Highland fling a chance. Maybe that is my feet needs. Enjoy your stay and I’m so glad that the weather is on your side. Going to Sopot on 19.5. Just home to re-pack. Hope that we will get good weather too. Bedtime hug.

  3. I so love all the photos you post from your travels, Viveka! I feel like I traveling with you–seeing all the wonderful sights and eating the most delicious food! Thanks so much for letting me tag along. ❤

    • Thanks Loisa, for you lovely comment ….. always a pleasure to be in your company. *smile Just back from a fantastic dinner of the Royal Mile. I think I have to share that experience with you. Far too dark in the restaurant to be able to take some good images, but maybe internet can help me. *smile Time for bed now.

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