21 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – earth

    • Yes, I doing well …. we had a fantastic summer day today … flying to Edinburgh on Monday, wedding .. I hope the sun is there too. Haven’t the sun come you jet – sent last night. Duvet hug.

      • 🙂 I’m off to Germany tomorrow to surprise my mom 😀
        You have a good flight and enjoy the wedding. Expect to see some lovely photos when you’re back…hats, food…
        Duvet hug – must hit the sack quickly xo 🙂

      • Have a lovely stay with your mum … and I hope the lovely weather will reach you too. We had 20C 9.30 – have a good sunburn … but Aloe Vera is the mircal treatment for that. Journey hug.

  1. I’m so cross with myself! I met Meg today in Lodz and we were so busy chatting I forgot to get your postcard. Not that I saw a postcard shop but it would have been there if I looked. Will have to find other compensation! Lodz is fantastyczny and I was smitten with Meg. What a day! Enjoy Edinburgh too. Would you believe I’m meeting Jude there in September? Hugs sweetheart xxx

    • Oh Dear!!! Don’t worry about the postcard … I know that you where thinking of me. So glad that you had a FAB day you two. Edinburgh is fantastic in September and October. You will love it. Windowcleaning hugs …. enjoy youself.

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