officially spring

A little Madness in the Spring
Is wholesome even for the King.”
Emily Dickinson

1st of May

In Sweden the official day of Spring are 1th of May … and it brought us the wonderful weather that seems to stay for us until next week. We have truly been waiting for it. The week before was absolutely fearful with hail, snow, rain and storms.

The last few days we had marvelous weather … sunshine and clear blue sky, even if the wind is still a little bit nippy have my friend and I taken a walk down to the castle and the seafront, and later on finish off with a great cup with loads of foam and a sweet treat.

Here is how Oscar and I captured the last 2 days.

sweet treat


10 thoughts on “officially spring

  1. As always the world looks beautiful through your eyes Vivi. In Poland it has been beautiful since my arrival but I think you must have pushed the bad weather south. Still I never mind a drop of rain and at the house where I’m staying they have baby ducklings. You can imagine how happy they will be xxx

    • Jo so glad to hear that you have the sun on your back and in your face. Have checked the weather ahead and it seems to become warmer and warmer.
      So hopefully we will have great weather for our Sopot days.
      Thank you so much for your lovely comment … and keep on delight yourself. Sunny hug.

    • A-C, it’s truly wonderful …. have already +20C on my balcony this morning. Tomorrow I’m off to Edinburgh and wedding with loads of kilts. The weather isn’t that great over there, but it looks like there will be no rain and that it’s a Mega plus. Enjoy our early summer. *smile –

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