park beauties and “fika”

busy parkYesterday we had one of those fantastic sunny cloud free days again until early afternoon, but the wind was bitterly cold … the wind has been cold for weeks now.  The Spring is here when I look at nature … a couple of weeks earlier than normal – just like last year. I only hope that we will not get the same cold summer as we had last year. flowers everywhere

My friend Bärbel and I decided to meet up for a “fika” (coffee break in Swedish) at the park cafe that opened for the season 2 days before. The first outdoor “fika” for the year. fika

On my way to pick up Bärbel – that just live by the park I met a new park bench – that says: here you can meet somebody! I think it’s a lovely “quote”.you can meet somebody here

No chance for me to wear any lighter jacket yet – the winter ulster is still in use.

But there was a lot of spring all around us ….

I live in one of the most beautiful Swedish towns where the council takes so good of all their parks and roundabouts – they provide us with so much joy through their job. There are flowers everywhere during the 3 seasons.

Thank you so much, Landskrona Park Team!

“April prepares her green traffic light
and the world thinks Go.”
Christopher Morley

14 thoughts on “park beauties and “fika”

    • Thanks, Jo …. “fika” is always nice!!!!! The same to you … we are having a taste of April weather as it worst … snow, cold, rain, windy … and the sun. “Sorry Ass” every day, but I’m used to it. *laughing … Wish you a nice week too.

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