weekly photo challenge – dinnertime

“Dogs eat. Cats dine.”
Ann Taylor

A wild cat with two of her 3 kittens, image taken while visiting my blogging sister Nia’s (Photographyfnia) summer house not far from Sile, Turkey … May-14.

I wish you a pleasant weekend!

dinner time


51 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – dinnertime

  1. Viveka–I love this quote. All three of my cats would most definitely tell you, they dine. Ha! I have never heard this before but it is perfect. Happy weekend to you! XO

    • Loisa, there is 1000 cat quotes out there …. so I chose one that wasn’t so well known. The music is from one of my favorite Disney films – The AristoCats, 1970. About cats in Paris. Lovely film.

  2. Oh bless her! I can’t wait to be in Greece again in June and see the lovely wild cats we have gotten to know there 🙂 Our cats are very vocal about when they believe it’s time for food! Luna pretty much shouts at Simon in the morning until he gives in just for the peace 😉 Luna doesn’t know she’s a cat, she believes that she’s a princess and we’re her servants!

    • Sarah, Greece … many years since I was in Greece, but I remember all the cats. Lived in Athens for 3 months.
      I had 2 cats once, many years ago and I still miss them … Whiskey and Zoda. I know exactly what you mean about being servants.
      I’m envy on your Greece trip .. have to look into a return for me too.

      • It’s our one holiday for the year and we make the most of it that’s for sure! I’ve never actually been to mainland Greece which I must remedy at some point. It’s always hard to leave Kos! Maybe one day we won’t have to leave 😀

      • Both Kos and the people who live there are just lovely 🙂 It’s just about the perfect sized island I think. The sense of community is very strong there and we’ve made good friends over the years we’ve been visiting 🙂 One day we will!!! There’s a few too many question marks over my health and how well I would be able to access care and treatment over there right now. We will make it there eventually though 🙂

      • I have my dream in France(but I wouldn’t be able to move there without a lottery win and a big one) … but so difficult to get to from Sweden .. UK perfect. Sorry to read that you have health issues … and I really hope that you will be able to get the help and live you dream on day. We should never give up on our dreams.

      • Yeah a lottery win would do the trick 😉 I had a sorry arse too Viveka, from Crohn’s, was gutted, literally and now have “bag for life” (reference to the plastic or fabric bags we buy for shopping now!) and dodgy bit of gut! Surgery saved my life though and treatments do keep improving 🙂 It’s just sad that the current economic climate in Greece has run their national health service into the ground. I couldn’t take the risks at the moment. Hopefully things will improve and if the hospital on Kos can be fully re-staffed then we’ll be a step closer! We both want to work over there. My health always improves when we go away. The drier climate agrees with me 🙂 Where abouts in France do you dream of living? My goddaughter is staying near Amiens this week on a school trip 🙂 She’s been so excited about it!

      • Wow, you have gone through a lot. One of my best friends partner has just had an operation … for the same, but they “only” cut a piece of his small intestine. But I know how sick he has been and the pain. It seems to have worked out fine so fare, but he had some problems after the operation.
        “Bag for life” … I feel for you and I can understand your concern about the hospital care on Kos. Have a close friend that has lived with his “bag” for 14 years now … he doing fantastic. They have him 4 years after his cancer, but he is still here.
        Biarritz on the Atlantic coast near the Spanish border is where my hear is.
        Been to Amiens, it has a very pitoresk old town with River Sommes running through it and buildings from 1200. I can understand that she likes.

      • It’s an evil disease and affects everyone a bit differently! I’ve had my bag for nearly 18yrs now. Wouldn’t ever want my colon back!! I have still had flare-ups in my small bowel but they’ve mostly been able to treat them with drugs. Waiting for some test results at the moment! I know a number of people who’ve beaten bowel cancer with surgery and either a temporary or permanent ostomy 🙂 It’s amazing that our bodies can adapt so well! I’ve never been to Biarritz but the borders with Spain are supposed to be utterly beautiful with the most extraordinary history too. My hubby is a big Rugby League supporter and there’s a French side from Perpignan called the Catalan Dragons who play in the UK Super League. I would like to go over there to watch a game or two sometime 🙂 Years ago I spent a few weeks just outside Poitiers which is a bit further north but very beautiful too. We went to La Rochelle which was so picturesque. I really want to visit the Carmargue to see the horses 🙂

      • France is such a beautiful country … I visit Camargue in the late 70’s. Didn’t see any horse .. but had some fantastic dinners.
        Biarritz has a great rugby team … one of the best in France, at least they were.
        France is so close to France … just go and enjoy! Paris and I don’t agree, but France is so much more.

      • Oh I totally agree on disagreeing with Paris!!!! I’ve done it a couple of times and have vowed, never again. London is pretty chaotic at times but Paris is completely nuts and overrated. There’s far far more to France than the capital! Rosie got back today and had had the most wonderful time 😀 I was thinking of suggesting a Gites holiday for a whole group of us sometime.

      • Sarah, I totally agree …. France is so much more than Paris. I have been on Gites holidays a couple of time … great alternative.
        London is a fun och friendly city even if it has gone far too busy for comfort those days. Always stay in Brighton now when I visit. Paris is not friendly. Have a great weekend.

      • Most unfriendly place I’ve ever been, I’m sad to say! Ah, Brighton is great 🙂 It’s only a couple of hours drive maximum from us. Love the lanes! I have a few friends who live down there. It’s nice to hear someone say that London is friendly 🙂 It’s often said that Londoners can be quite rude but I find it all depends on where you are and the attitude you bring with you 🙂 I’m one of those people who talks to everyone! I even manage to get chatting to people on the Tube which is fun 😀

      • Wow, another blogging sister that lives close Brighton. Normal I use to visit in the end of January … I lived in Brighton for 6 years before I moved to Belfast. Loved every day off I had there, it wasn’t many … working too hard at the time. Maybe we can meet up next time I’m “in town”.
        Sarah it’s all down to ourselves how people behave around us. I totally agree – never had problems with Londoner or anywhere else … expect Paris and Bilbao.
        I’m the same I chat with people … everywhere too … when I see that somebody is responsive. *smile

      • I’d love that Viveka 🙂 There are some wonderful places to visit between here and Brighton or I could come down to the coast for the day! I have never been to the US and my brother is moving to New York to work in a few months time. Simon and I will definitely visit him over there! I’d like to do Christmas 🙂 I often here really mixed things about New Yorkers, either very friendly or extremely hostile! I guess I will find out for myself but I will certainly go there with the same open, friendly attitude that I have for everyone 🙂

      • Sahara, December is a the best month for NYC- but also one of the most expensive months for hotel rooms. NYC is extremely expensive the year around when it’s about hotels. Sign up for Secret Escape – free and they can have great offers on excellent hotels for about 100 pounds per room.
        I can’t say I love NYC, but it’s a fantastic city and I have always great fun when I visit. Been there about 8 times until I fell in love with Chicago. I was last in NYC 2013 and I found the city very helpful and friendly … plus clean. It has changed a lot. Before I had the same view as you – but I hadn’t been back for 8 years … then. Of course, you should go and if you book flights early you can get really good deals.

      • My brother and his partner are hoping to be renting a two or three bedroom place so hotel costs won’t be an issue 😀 I have recently signed up to secret escapes though! I had hoped to have a mini break at the end of May to celebrate our first wedding anniversary but it’s the late May Bank Holiday so all the prices are really high 😦 I like the look of some of the breaks they have to Croatia and other areas of the Baltic where I want to go wildlife watching 🙂 Probably not this year but fingers crossed for next!

      • Oh it is beautiful 🙂 Quite baroque! I will have to see what the countryside is like near the city! My good friend Julia has Polish family and we keep saying that we’ll go over there together sometime. She’s warned me about the vodka with everything at anytime thing!! I shall carry around vodka bottles filled with water as I don’t really drink but wouldn’t want to offend anyone.

      • Gdansk is by the ocean … and sandy beach nearby. Going to Sopot in 3 weeks time … the Polish Riviera. 15 min by train from Gdansk. You don’t have to drink vodka …and there is very little vodka in the food. So your safe. *smile

      • Sarah, I have been in Poland a couple of times and I never got any vodka in food. *LAUGHING. I really hope the weather will be warmer by then, becauce just now it’s the same as here, but it’s nearly 3 weeks until take off. First wedding in Scotland. In 2 weeks time.

      • Oh wonderful!! My brother is in Scotland for a wedding in a few weeks time too. Lots of Scotland has snow at the moment! So much for spring lol 😉 Love Scotland though 🙂 Beautiful countryside for a wedding. My cousin got married in a Scottish castle about 10yrs ago and it was amazing! Lots of whiskey and Scottish dancing 😀

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