the swedish number +46 771 793 336

theswedishnumber.jpg - resume seAs the first country in the world with its own phone number and
get connected to a random Swede and talk about anything.

The following countries can call Sweden at the cost of a local call from the numbers below.

United Kingdom +442038089899
Denmark +4570806160
Poland +48222922333
USA +13012760600
Brazil +556135500700
Germany +4932221096868
France +33974483777
Netherlands +31852085000
Finland +358753266266
Norway +4781511558

The Swedish Tourist Association (STF) is  the agency is behind the concept together with INGOs and PR agency Cohn & Wolfe, that people from all over the world should be able to phone and talk to one of us about everything and anything.

They have also been boosted by Grey New York to give the campaign wings also on the other side of the Atlantic.STF - booking com

STF – Swedish Touring is one of the largest nonprofit organizations and has since 1885 been the pioneers to discover Sweden. The guide and inspire small and big adventures, we want more people to have the ability to understand and share our appetite for discovery. We want to safeguard and develop our unique environments so that we can hand them over to the next generation. The association has about 255,000 members and about 350 places in Sweden, from the lighthouse and the mountain station for ships and hotels.

INGO is is a gas station chain and part of Statoil Fuel & Retail ASA, which in turn is a subsidiary of Canadian Alimentation Couche-Tard. INGOs launched the brand in Sweden and Denmark, 2014.

So far over about 50 000 calls dialed the number. Overall, it has generated over the 104-day airtime – that nearly a third of a year – in five days. Most calls have come from the United States (over 40 percent), followed by the UK and Turkey. The number was launched this Wednesday.

I would love to be one of the random Swedes (phone ambassador) that will be talking to the world – but I don’t have a smart phone, because to registration happens by an app. I will give them a call tomorrow and ask if I can sign up some other way.the-swedish-number app

The app, which can only be downloaded in Sweden, has been at the top of the App Store with over 10,000 downloads.

Your call is important to us !!!!!!

22 thoughts on “the swedish number +46 771 793 336

    • Thanks for asking, I think there has been a little release – but I think there is a chance, nextt week I will add one more pill – but I feel a little strange from taking the pill.
      Me too … I think it’s a fun and exciting way to sell Sweden. Morning hug..

  1. Hihihi. When I saw this information on FB first, I couldn’t help but giggle. You see, there is a certain Swede that gave me a LOT of material to complain about Sweden during our online conversations, and whenever I see this number I’m tempted. There was plenty of good stuff too, so I’m saving him for a book 😉

      • Not yet and I don’t plan to, my comment was more of a joke. I used to talk to a Swedish friend for years online. He told me a lot about Sweden and himself. I have some complaints. 😀

      • Okay ….. now I understand. I thought you had already dialed.
        How can you have complaints when you never visit Sweden????!!!!

      • Hhahhah, I did visit Sweden – with the ferry from Denmark for a few hours. 😀 But I’m teasing you, I don’t have complaints over Sweden as such, only about this individual. And yet he is a product of the environment, isn’t he? 😉

      • Very good ….. at least you have walked on Swedish soil. There is loads of things that could be better in Sweden, but in overall we are very spoiled compared to other countries. And there is always people that love to complain and there is always people that enjoy being a bit difficult.
        But we all have the right to be different in our own sway. I suppose he lives abroad today, that’s the right thing to do .. if you don’t like where you live … move. *laughing – I’m sure he will be a great character for a book of yours.

      • He is a character all right. He didn’t complain about Sweden at all, I think he loves his country and still lives there. If anything, he used to put down other nations. But that is him. There are SO many others things I love about Sweden, especially Pippi – my all time favourite heroine – and Ingemar Stenmark. He was a hero in Slovenia for skiing on Slovenian Elan skis. 🙂 A warm hug in your direction!

      • Okay, so he is one of thouse … met his type too. Ingmar Stenmark … he is still going strong – he won celberity dance competion on TV last year .. he couldn’t dance, but all his fans vote from me.
        Pippi, she one FAB girl … also still going strong all over ther world. Spring hug back!

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