weekly photo challenge – landscapes

apartment with a view

Biarritz, France – September 2008

platform view

Scania rapeseed fields, taken from a train between Helsingborg – Landskrona, Sweden – June 2014cloud gate - the bean ... chicago

Cloud Gate, Chicago – July 2012

Mt Fuji & cherry blossoms

Mt Fuji and cherry blossoms on a rainy day, from  the Fujisan Hongu Sengen Taisha Shrine – April 2015huts & bridge

Skanör, Sweden – June 2014

The landscape has never been my thing … because the I never seem to get it right. I totally agree with Ansel Adams, but I have to give this week’s challenge a go.

I wish you a pleasant weekend!!!!!

“Landscape photography is
the supreme test of the photographer
– and often the supreme disappointment. ”
Ansel Adams

As cloud for this entry have I choose the beautiful track “Father Theme” by the Greek female composer Eleni Karaidrou … from the Greek movie “Landscape in the Mist” from 1988.


48 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – landscapes

  1. Beautiful snaps all round, Vivi. I really like the Mount Fuji one. What a great backdrop that shines along with the flowers. Wonderfully done. Same with the Chicago one…and you are sneaky. Can’t see you in the mirror 😀

    • Mable, thank you so much …. I haven’t checked if I’m in the “cloud” – I think I’m too fare away. Have to check. Moun Fuji is very sneaky too .. because it only normally shows it’s top on clear winter days, we were luck but when we entered the mountian we ended up in a snow storm. Didn’t see anything and was rushed down very quickly. Our guide was so excited for us that Fuji showed it’s full top.

      • Certainly a bit of luck on your side there, especially when you were a fair bit away. Also luckily you got out of the snowstorm. It really is a brilliant shot of Mt Fuji there, I’ll say it again. Mt Fuji probably wanted to say a quick hi to all of you before going back into slumber once again ❤

      • Mabel, thank you so much …. our guide she was so excited on our behave. The snowstorm was terrible … we couldn’t see anything, but I have a photo with my foot in the snow up on Mt Fuji.
        Always something and the memories. *smile

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    • Stefano, thank you so much … we were very luck that April day .. because Fuji normally only shows it’s top on clear cold winter days. So more luck than skills behind that shot.

  4. Lovely music, Vivi. 🙂 I like the field of rapeseed very much.
    I was talking to a lady at zumba today whose son works in Japan and she’s been many times. Thought of you 🙂

    • Thank you, Girlfriend … thanks for thinking of me. Japan, yes … wouldn’t mind going back. Can’t believe how quick the year has passed. A year ago I woke up in Hong Kong.

  5. Excellent collection of landscapes. Coincidentally, the town in France was in a TV show we recently watched.

    • Tom, thank you so much …. that images is all about luck and my Canon’s sport mode … but I like that image too .. because that is what my county is all about in 4 weeks time. Thanks for stopping by. *smile

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