a blue day out

ceilingIt must be about a month ago now … time passes quick at times, when I had a date with Ann-Christine at Leya@To See a World in a Grain of Sand. We do a couple of day trips per year together and most of the trips we have ended up in delightful Denmark, and, this time, no difference.

Ann-Christine and I had both seen the commercial on Swedish TV about the Den Blå Planet (The Blue Planet) – the Copenhagen Aquarium located just by Copenhagen Airport on the edge of Öresund.

A magnificent building, fabulous architecture – but not worth the money. Far too expensive for the adventure we got out of it; 170DKR7212SEK/26$/23€/£18. If we hadn’t gone in circles we would have walked through the place in less than 1,5 hour.

But we been there, enjoyed it … but didn’t get any T-shirts.peaceful

Denmark’s new architectural landmark in National Aquarium Denmark, Den Blå Planet on Amager and replaced Denmark’s Aquarium in Charlottenlund. The original aquarium closed in November 2012 after 73 years. If there are two things the Danish is really good on is it design and making beer.

The Danish architect’s studio 3XN is the winner of the international architecture competition. In March 2013, 3,000 marine animals are moved from the old Denmark’s Aquarium building in Charlottenlund to National Aquarium Denmark, Den Blå Planet, where they are joined by 17,000 new marine animals.

Den Blå Planet now has 20,000 fish and marine animals in 53 tanks with a total of seven million litres of water, claim to be Northern Europe’s largest and most modern aquarium.

The building’s architecture was inspired by the circulating currents of the whirlpool. From the entrance, the visitor steps into the vortex of the whirlpool – the round lobby – and is drawn into the spiral towards the 53 aquariums and installations.piranhas

The building is located directly facing the Øresund and is surrounded by a circular reflection pool. National Aquarium Denmark, Den Blå Planet is thus encircled by water on all four sides.

Den Blå Planet now has 20,000 fish and marine animals in 53 tanks with a total of seven million litres of water.colorful

It was truly difficult to get some great images of the fishes. First of all, they were moving constantly (swimming around and up and down)  and Oscar found it very difficult to get a great focus or maybe it was me, only a few images that are worth to use for this post.

We had lunch at the aquarium, a cold cod dish (very nice), with the most stunning view over the Öresund, the piece of ocean between Denmark and Sweden. It was at times a sunny view.

The highlights for me was the lovely seadragons and the Sea Otter feeding, they are so cute … I guess it is a couple they have and they just couldn’t get enough of that seafood. Absolutely adorable, but very hard to get a good image off, talk about moving around.sea otter

Ann-Christine had to really taste how expensive Denmark is. She hadn’t bought a day trip ticket – so she had to buy a metro ticket … one stop, about 20 min walk, on our way back to Sweden, 28DKK/35SEK/3.8€/4.2$/£3.00. I don’t think she will make that mistake again. *smile logo

Before we entered the train back to Sweden we had a nice coffee stop at the airport and a day in Denmark has to contain a Kartoffelkage (potato cake) – something we both agree on.

Ann-Christine thanks, for another brilliant day … you know I will date you any day –  anytime!!!!

“The best way to observe a fish
is to become a fish.”
Jacques Yves Cousteau potato cake


18 thoughts on “a blue day out

    • Thank you so much … enjoyed your company and thanks for joining me. We had a great day, but it’s smaller than it looks and very expensive for what you get. Can easy feel crowded, especially if there is school classes.

  1. Nicely done, Viveka! I think you got some better shots than I did, really…And, oh, that ticket…you should not have reminded me…
    Lets get Sue!

    • It was real hard to get good shots. Looked good at the time, but … anyhow we manage to get some. What I seen of yours are good. Yes, that metro ticket was daylight rubbery.

  2. I know I don’t comment as much as I should but just wanted you to know, Viveka, that your posts are a fantastic combination of art, music, food, life. You are AMAZING!

  3. Great post! It made me laugh too, especially when I remembered the tiny aquarium in Piran, Slovenia. Let me check how much it costs: 5 EUR for an adult. I think you can be done in 10 minutes. 😀 I still had a good time because it calmed me down and made me remember when I was very little and what an adventure every visit was for me (of another aquarium in Maribor).

    • I checked out the aquarium in Piran … doesn’t look that big *smile … The Blue Planet is is slightly bigger, but the building looks massive. We had a great day there, but … *laughing The aquarium in Maribor doesn’t look that big neither.

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