the first spring sunday

spring sky6 o’clock yesterday morning did our days become longer than the nights – Spring Solstice.

Our Sunday started off very grey but around lunch, the blue sky and a big generous sun arrived. So I phone my friend and asked if we should take a stroll down to the seafront.

Eve if there wasn’t any wind it was a bit nippy in the air, but loads of people were around and at every schoolyard and playground the boys were playing soccer, one of the first spring signs.

Loads of spring flowers were greeting us.

We met a very beautiful 4-legged lady by name Agnes – she was a bit upset with us because we were sitting on her bench.agnes

After our walk was it time for a cup of the best coffee in town – at the Espresso House – some people was sitting outside, but far too nippy for us two. best fluff in town

16 thoughts on “the first spring sunday

    • Maralee, yes! We had a very relaxed couple of hours at the seafront. Only takes 15 min to get there. We had another glorious day today. Can get use to it!!!
      By the way do you get my cards??? Have forgotten that you have moved:

    • Happy Spring to you too… even today we had a fanastic day. Agnes was a truly beautiful lady and after a couple of minutes she was okay with us using her bench. *smile

      • No but it didn’t last…but looking out of the window this morning, there is beautiful spring sunshine….not what the forecasters said, so I bet it doesn’t stay with us long…..

    • Sylvia, thank you so much … it was a short stroll and a long time spent on Agnes bench, but I think she was okay about it .. it was only her giving us an attitude. Happy Easter to you all over there.

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