after dinner delight

stunning view

Prague is a stunning city during daylight … and breathtakingly beautiful after dark. Two evenings did I bring Oscar along for my dining adventures, just because I wanted to capture the city dressed in its nightgown.Memorial to Communism Victims

I stayed close toThe Legion Bridge (Most Legií) – that has the beautiful National Theater in one end and the Újezd, where the very impressive and emotional (for me) Memorial to Communism Victims is. Újezd was my tram stop. From the Legion Bridge is the most magical view over Pragborgen, Prague Castle, St. Nicholas Church  and St. Vitus Cathedral. One of the most impressive view in the world but the distance is about 2km/1,5 miles. Absolutely breathtaking.

Oscar is a good camera, but on the distance he is not up to it at times … when it’s about getting close ups of the moon he are just FAB – but he was struggling a bit in Prague.  My old small camera was far better and also the wide-angle was better. Next time I will bring it along.

So one evening I walked the Legion Bridge and magnificent National Theather in the other end of the bridge that had a performance on for the evening – was just magical too.

After my fantastic dinner at “Mlýnec”, I did I exchanged the fancy high heels suede boots to my flat Clacks and walked the Charles Bridge. It was after midnight and still people on the bridge. I think it’s impossible to be alone on that bridge, doesn’t matter what time its. I don’t know how all photographers of the amazing postcards can have manage not to have any people in the pictures.National Theater

From the restaurant to my hotel I walked in total 2,5km/2 miles in the middle of the night and nobody bothered me. I was far from the only person out and about. I have always felt very comfortable with the night, both indoors and outdoors. I love to be alone with my thoughts.. Met 2 young ladies with flowers on their way to a party and  rushing to the tram stop, but had time to stop and hand me one of the flowers.from a long distance

During my walk, I lost one of my earrings … but that has happened before and it will happen again, but I will try to remember to take my earrings off before I start walking in the future. I’m a little upset about the lost because they match a necklace and took years to find, but it’s only earrings after all.

Vivaldi’s mandolin concert has nothing to do with nightly walks with spectacular views, but it’s the piece of music I have (most times) in my head when I out walking after dark, for some reason. It’s a happy tune and it’s easy to walk too. I never listen to music while walking in the dark through headphones. I want to know what is going on around me.

“Life begins at night”
 Charlaine Harrisimpressive view

21 thoughts on “after dinner delight

  1. 🙂 It’s been far too long since I’ve been in Prague.
    Thank you for your postcard – so sweet of you to always think of me! xo
    You have captured some spectacular sights and I think Oscar did a very, very good job!
    Sorry about your earring. Now you need to come to Vienna again to find some new ones at Swarovski 😀
    Big hugs and a very HAPPY Sunday xoxo 🙂

    • Maybe we should meet up for a “girly” long weekend in Prague. *smile … Not a chance that will I buy Swaroviski again. Enough with their carry on. *smile But I still can look for earrings in Vienna.
      Agree looking at the images now … Oscar did a great job, but I wish the his wide-angle was a bit better, but it’s what it’s!!!!
      A lovely Sunday to you too … and a great week. By the way are you going to visit your sister in US anything???

  2. Oh, great images of Prage, Wivi. I must return…. Oh, and thanks for introducing me to to the Mandolin concerto! Sad about the earring, I lost an expensive ring last year, and that did upset me

    • Yes, you have to return … I want to go back tomorrow. I love this little playful piece of music … it makes me feel good. So glad you like it too.
      I was most annoyed about the earring, because when I left the restaurant I was thinking of taking them off and but them in the handbag. I lost an expensive ring quite a few years ago and was upset for day, but after all its just a ring and there is people who loose their legs and even families every day. But I was very upset.

  3. Nice shots of this beautiful city! Sorry about the earring though – understand if you were upset. but as you say – worse things happen.

  4. What a wonderfully romantic looking city you’ve captured there, Vivi 🙂 I can’t find fault with your images. They’re purely beautiful 🙂 I hate to lose something personal like that. No way to replace. Wishing you the happiest of Easters, whatever you may be doing.

    • Prague is a very romantic city … and it’s a very welcoming subject for all cameras. I know, but I will keep on looking for new earrings on ebay and esty. Going spend Easter in Landskrona with my friend, that has rerovered fantasticly after Prague. The weather aren’t going to be the best. I wish you and your family a lovely Easter. I

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