weekly photo challenge – dance

“We should consider every day
lost on which we have not danced at least once.”
Friedrich Nietzsche

Vivianne creations

The images that I have taken off my TV screen of the Vienna New Year’s Concert 2014 and 2015.  For the 2014 concert, the costumes for the ballet were designed by the British designer Vivienne Westwood.vienna dancers

It is broadcast live around the world to an estimated audience of 50 million in 73 countries in 2012 and 90 countries in 2015. One of the world’s biggest TV events.thank you

New Year´s Concert Vienna Philharmonic at Musikverein first television broadcast in 1959, sent the world a New Year’s greeting. Personal I have been watching for over 40 years, really the only tradition that I have in my year. ballerina

There had been a tradition of concerts on New Years day in Vienna since 1838.

The concert is popular throughout Europe, and more recently around the world.  Some seats are pre-registered by certain Austrian families and are passed down from generation to generation.vienna dancers 1

There is always two famous masterpiece performed in concert every year and it’s Johann Strauss II’s waltz The Blue Danube and the concert is always ending with Johann Strauss I’s Radetzky March. vienna waltz

To be able to enjoy a New Year concert ALIVE is highest on the MY bucket list, but the to get a ticket is nearly impossible. violine

Due to extremely high demand, tickets for the three traditional end of year concerts of the Vienna Philharmonic are drawn by the lot from this website at the beginning of each year. In this way, music lovers from all over the world have an equal chance to purchase these highly desired tickets. Last year I put my name forward – but no luck!!!

dancing movements


15 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – dance

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  2. Ah, Wivi, I always watch (or listen to on the radio) that New Year’s concert, too! You do notice some detail – I never knew about the Vivienne Westwood costumes!

    • Thanks, Janet, for the visit…. I agree – lot of fun, but not the easiest thing to do – I like that the images do get blurry. I wish you a Happy Easter.

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