straigth to number one – mlýnec, prague

If you click on this logo it will take you to other food adventures I had around the world

If you click on this logo it will take you to other food adventures I had around the world

A restaurant that has both passion in the kitchen and in the dining room. A restaurant with a big heart and a free spirit – that hasn’t sold out its soul to Guide Michelin. A restaurant full of joy and proudness.

A warm welcoming from arrival that stays at your table until you are leaving.  And with the most fantastic view at the foot of the Charles Bridge. A relaxed atmosphere where you feel very special, at least, I did.

Nothing pretentious …. a luxury restaurant with lot of passion!!!! That doesn’t empty the bank account.

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Mlýnec means water mills and what I was told was under the building there was once small water mills. It’s nearly situated on the water level. It was totally damaged by the 2013 floodings, but beautifully restored and I like the simplicity in the table setting with a crispy white thick linen napkin and the small glass lamps in the ceiling. No background music, wonderful!!!

The restaurant was fully booked about 180 (60 booked party) eating guests and 5 chefs in the kitchen (Saturday evening). They also do events at the restaurants .. like charity events.

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Novotného lávka 199/9,
Staré Město, 110 00 Praha
Photo: +420 277 000 777

Executive Chef; Marek Šáda
Cuisine: Modern Czech / €€€

Reservation necessary. Dress code; Smart casual.

I came across the restaurant on USA Today 10Best, one of  the websites I always use when looking for great dining adventures for my destinations.  Booked my table over the restaurant’s website from home 10 days before departure and I asked the, if possible, a nice table for a solo nice Swedish lady. And I got one of best seats in the restaurant. Just in front of the Charles bridge.

Besides the magnificent food … I had two fantastic men attached to my table: Rodrigo and David.

To do this restaurant justice will I use professional images from their website, because the light wasn’t the best for me to work with.

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My adventure for the evening – their’s 5-course menu – The Most Popular.

Freshly Smoked Veal Tartar, Homemade Mayonnaise, Capers, Mustard Seeds,
Shallots, Watercress
Lobster Agnolotti, Leek, Bisque with Truffle Oil
Grilled Atlantic Mackerel, Pistachio, Tapioca,
Pear, Ginger, Miso Sauce
Veal Fillet Mignon a la Schnitzel, Potatoes, Celery, Chive Mayonnaise,
Pickled Carrots, Veal Jus
Deconstructed Apple Pie, Apple Ice Cream, Walnuts,
Caramel, Raisins, Cinnamon

Because I wouldn’t be able to go with the wine menu pairing with the dishes – 5 glasses of different wines – I wanted to be able to walk over the bridge back to the hotel. So Rodrigo recommends for my first 3 courses Ryzlink Rýnský (Riesling) 2014, Pozdní sběr, Milan Sůkal, Slovácko and Cabernet Sauvignon 2011 Gran Reserva (Viňa Carmen) for the veal schnitzel, outstanding wines. In all honesty was I treated to a glass of excellent dessert wine that I can’t for my life remember the name of. Sorry, Rodrigo!!!

Not a fan of sweet wine with my dessert, but this was very crisp, light and more like champagne …. and I enjoyed it very much.

image provided by mlynec. cz

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My first starter just knocked the socks of me (Veal tartar) in flavor and presentation – served a bit different to this image here – in a beautiful glass bowl with the bread crumbles on in a glass insert – and I was advised to empty the crumbs into the bigger bowl and when I lifted the insert the most wonderful wooden smoke came out of the bowl. I was afraid the that smoke should overpower the delicate meat, but this dish is made for heaven. I can’t really describe the dish more than like this – The best starter I ever had and I had a couple of hundred so far. Maybe 1000’s!!!! It was Exquisite.

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Second course another magical dish: Lobster Agnolotti. Perfect pasta filled with chunks of lobster with a thick creamy lobster bisque. The pasta of course cooked to perfection and just melted away and lobster is my favorite seafood. Even if Lobster can very easy take over a dish … the balance was just perfect.

Not able to find an image of Atlantic Mackerel. I was a bit reluctant when I saw that the mackerel was steamed. I love mackerel, but I want it crispy pan-fried. Rodrigo was very passionate about the dish and I can understand why. It was utterly delicious. Even if I’m not found of Miso. The flavors were building more and more for every bite I toke.

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image provided by

Schnitzel isn’t anything really I would order otherwise, all because of all the bad Schnitzels I have eaten or suffered through. My friend Robert in Vienna does a fantastic one, but that is about it. They are also far too big, mostly hanging over the edge of the plate. This was a nice piece of high-quality veal in really crispy and light coating. Just as it says on the menu … a filet mignon. Did I like it – YES!!!! If I could I would had licked the plate. That jus was divine.

I just love my desserts and cakes, and Prague is full of both. But there is one thing I don’t like after a superb dinner is “After Eight” and the dessert on the menu was just that, “After Eight” Warm Chocolate Fondant… but no problems was so ever to change the dessert – so I went for the “apple strudel”. A choice I was so pleased with – light and refreshing with all the traditional ingredients deconstructed into individual items on the plate. Very creative.

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Also, I got a little excellent treat before my “strudel” arrived – a Pina colada mousse with amaretto and finely crushed dried raspberries – just landed on my hips straight away and wrapped itself around my heart.

As always I finished off with a cappuccino which I got a lollipop; soft chocolate nougat inside covered in white chocolate.

I truly had an exquisite and very enjoyable evening …. the best dining experience I had so far, the whole package was just SUPERB!!!! I was the last guest to leave and I was able to walk the bridge and to my hotel.

Chef Marek is a young talent chef … and a team with visions without getting silly. The portions were in a perfect size and no stacked peas, portions for food lovers, like me. This is a restaurant with huge potential.

I know Marek is dreaming of the stars, and that he lost out on one – when he worked at another restaurant (not that great in my book; great food, silly portions and soulless). Only a short time after he left the restaurant they got their star.

Marek Šáda - mlynec cz

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It’s more important that the restaurant has a free spirit and keeps its passion. Mlýnec has gone straight to number one on my list!!!

“You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food.”
Paul Prudhomme

20 thoughts on “straigth to number one – mlýnec, prague

    • Thanks, Loisa … Marek and his team is worth more than one star, but those stars is hard work … and to keep. Sometimes they kills all the fun. Have a friend that had a star for years and .. it didn’t make his kitchen more happy.

    • Thank you, Terry … you know what when I sat there at the table with a magical view, superb food and excellent service I was thinking about how lucky I really am .. even if I have my problems. To be able to travel and enjoy what I feel for.
      I will try to explain SoundCloud in an email or do you still have Skype.???

  1. Hello lovely lady! No time to chat- off to meet a friend in Durham. Just popped in to say thanks for the BEE-OO-TIFUL postcard! Hugs and kisses! Chat later 🙂

    • Glad the card has arrived! Here we have a fantastic spring day .. and the parks are full of couscous!!! LOVE IT!!! I know you will have a great day .. here is a Welcome Home hug!

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