time to say …. see you again!

“Between hello and goodbye is I love you.”
 Jarod Kintzcharles bridge at nightThis morning the sun greeted me! And of course then is it time to return home. Can’t complain about the weather even if it hasn’t been that much sunshine, has it been mild and it hasn’t fallen one drop of rain. The evenings has had a good bit in them.old town street sign

Had an absolute FAB time here in Prague. Done things in my time … and done only what I felt for. A good making up for the Christmas visit. My airport transport will pick me up 4 pm, so I have some more hours to soak in and with the sun out I will do some more walking.john lennon wall

I have been eating very good … walked too much … slept well … drank enough and shopped a little.

Meet up with my friend Katrina and we had a brilliant day together with Czech Haute Couture, lunch and loads of talking.fashion art

I have got some tips about other cities to visit outside Prague. Day trips for next visit.

What I love about the Prague people is that they really love their city … and very proud of it. Without any doubt is Prague the most beautiful city in Europe that I have visited. Sorry, Stockholm and Edinburgh!!!no calories

Hotel Malá Strana – very good for its 3 stars. Big clean room with a little pantry, good shower and only one English channel on the TV. Breakfast okay, not big but it kept me going until the afternoon cake intake.only spring flower

Staff very helpful and friend. Nothing was a problem. Nothing fancy about the hotel, but I will stay here again. The location is one of the best in town. On one of the side street away from the trams and noisy drunk people. Plenty good restaurant in the neighbourhood, walking distance to Charles Bridge, Castle and Old town on the Mala Strana side.dinner time

Prague is a bit confusing, because it has two Old Towns. One of each side.

ready to close up

Time to escape to my room and close the suitcase.

I always have the time …. but if I have the money I will be back in October.

So Prague – Uvidíme se zase!!!last evening view

31 thoughts on “time to say …. see you again!

  1. 🙂 Wow, Wivi, now that was a quick and fun-packed Prague trip!
    It sounds like you’ve had a swell time with your friend.
    Haute Couture? I’m very interested in more.
    Sleep well in your own bed and sweet dreams.
    Big hugs xoxo 🙂

    • Yes, 5 nights …. and nearly 5 full days. Haute Couture – yes we went to see the exhibition of Blanka Matragi famous creations. Every dress is a piece of handmade art .. she paint the silk herself. But wasn’t allowed to take photo neither at the show or in her shop.
      Not my style of dresses .. but the work that has gone into every piece, just amazing and one of her wedding dresses for an Saud Arabian princess .. cost nearly 2 million Euros and the dress was damage some how so she had make another … on another 2 million. http://www.blankamatragi.cz/en/ – She also do fantastic glass works.

  2. THE most beautiful city in Europe! I guess I need to see it one day then, Vivi. It’s below Florence on my list but maybe someday 🙂 Glad you found another love affair and the weather was kind. 🙂

    • Thank you, I don’t know if I’m having he time of life … but I try to do the best of it. Glad you received the card. Haven’t made up my mind yet about Prague in October.

      • Florida would be great. I might even meet you there and join you. That would be fun. 🙂 I haven’t been there for years. It’s at the other end of the world from me. 🙂

      • What a fantastic date that would be … I hope that delightful little bear person will come along too. I have wanted to visit Miami since Miami Vice .. and CSI Miami only increased my need. ~smile

      • Let’s plan it. I have a timeshare we could book, and they have a lot of locations in both FL and CA, and quite a few all across the states. Let me know. I need to book by June. I was going to go to Australia to see my friend Carol, but can’t get any dates that she has open, and can’t afford to go that far this year.

      • Sounds brilliant … fantastic, but I doubt I will be able to make it this year. Have already 5 trips booked.
        A pity we didn’t think about this before, but let’s do it next year.
        I had planned to visit Australia too this year, but my feet problem stopped me. I would have been gone for 4 weeks .. and a lot of travel involved.

      • OK, next year it is. Maybe we should try for Australia together. Five trips in a year is a bit much! I did that last year in 6 months and I about killed myself. I want to slow it down a bit this year.

      • I was going to stop over (6 nights) in Dubai on the way there and end with 6 days at Bali on the way home. Yes, why not do Australia .. together.
        Five trips in 6 months ???!!!!! That is a bit much, but I was close to that number too last year. That’s why I cut down this year.

      • Was on Bali in 1979 and it was already then … fantastic. Had my route plan ready to go in the end October this year. 25.10.-30.11, but I have to be more sure about my feet status.

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