weekly photo challenge – one love

“You can’t buy happiness
but you can buy a bike
and that’s pretty close.”
Unknownbikes-in-love 1


A couple of years ago I capture this on our back yard! Kind of cute or??????. Bike love!!!


17 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – one love

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  2. This is such a cute shot, Vivi. The bikes do look like they like each other and the heart sign above them is such a nice touch. Well spotted 😀 The poem you shared is very apt ❤

    • Mabel, I saw the hear sign first … and then the bikes. And it was loads of spring in the air that day too. *smile
      Thanks for you faithful support and nice comment. Made my heart smile.

      • Ah, so you saw love first. You’re drawn to love…as much as it comes to you. Warmth in the air too that day. Very lovely. Always enjoy your photography and travels, Vivi. Have a good week and smile 🙂

      • Mabel, I’m a very romantic person .. and I think we all are drawn to love.
        I have some hours left of my FAB Prague visit. At the breakfast table just now. Will have a sunny day, made for more walking. I wish you a great week too. *smile

  3. Bike Love! Very cute. I’ve been struggling with challenge. I could go traditional and post photos of the one’s I love most or I could be creative like you were. Hmmm!!!!!!!

    • Carol, I don’t think have more than one of two images in total that has with love to do … so I had to think outside the box. You go for it girl!!!!! Thanks a million.

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