back in prague


colorful bags

After my drama filled Christmas visit to Prague I wanted to go back so soon as possible … to enjoy and soak in this beautiful city in my own time.

Haven’t had time to take Oscar out of the bag yet, still at the breakfast table … and it seems like I will get a sunny start on my day.

Arrived around 10pm last night. The airline moved my departure 2 hours ahead, so I wouldn’t be able to make it to the airport, no trains running that early from Landskrona. So I had to take the evening departure the a day earlier, 5 nights instead of 4 / but I don’t mind.speedy airline

The flight was over in a blink, don’t know how they the always manage to make 1hr 25 min flight into 1hr. Didn’t have time to watch the full episode 11 of “House of Cards” before the safety belt sign was on again.

My driver was there in waiting for me and in a very comfortable Audi and no traffic what so ever … I arrived at my hotel just before 1o breakfast

The hotel is a pleasant 3-star hotel on the left river bank, the Vltava. A big room with a small pantry. Slept well … and just enjoyed a good enough breakfast. It’s the price that is the best of it all .. 5 nights for 158Euros/174 US dollar/123 pound and with a perfect location, Hotel Malá Strana, and a super fast internet.

I will start my day with a 15 min walk to the Charles Bridge and this afternoon I will meet up with my new friend, Katerina. She works at a cafe close to the hotel where we stayed over Christmas and she was so supportive in all the drama, so we started up a friendship …  and kept in touch since then.

So far everything just great… now is it all up to my numb feet and the weather.

“Prague isn’t just a city, but an entity of some kind.”
Sezin Koehler

one of plenty

13 thoughts on “back in prague

  1. Glad you’ve found the sun, Vivi. 🙂 It’s still cold and grey here. An under the duvet sort of day 😦 Not even any puddles to jump in. Have a wonderful time, hon. 🙂

    • Sun is up there … even where you are (only hiding), a bit hasn’t been full sunshine .. but bright enough to interfere with Oscar and me. It’s spring in the air, but it hasn’t come very far on the ground … we have more pretty spring flowers at home. But they had snow and frost a week ago.
      I could do with a duvet day … too, even if I had a couple last week.

    • And it was … delicious too! Having a great time .. had a good night sleep and a big enough breakfasst … yesterday evening I was back on my favorite waterhole … great food and excellent wine, just around the corner. Today, I have the post office and shopping on my mind. Have a lovely weekend and a big hug to be used when needed. ~smile

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