sleepless weekend ahead … frank is back!!!

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Been waiting for over a year … to get him back into my bedroom again!!!! Frank Underwood!!! A man that proofs that power can be very sexy.

And how suitable of the producers to have an election going on during this year series, very cleverly done.

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A man that just walk over everybody, more ruthless … manipulating and uses all dirty tricks there is in the book to stay in power, but I think the US are better of with President Underwood than with President Trump.

“House of Cards” are back and there is many of us that have been waiting for season 4 and I just read that there is a number 5 coming too.

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Yesterday, the streaming company .. Netflix released the latest series in its entirety to its 75 million-plus subscribers in 190 countries, allowing fans addicted to the exploits of Kevin Spacey’s ruthlessly machiavellian politician Frank Underwood to binge-watch the 13-episode run in one sitting.claire underwood - twitter com

The last episode of season 3, his very stylish and beautiful wife Claire walked on out him .. packed her things and left the White House, she just had enough of his ruthlessness and games – but she seems to be back and more calculating and elegant than ever before with an agenda.

I have loved Kevin Spacey acting for years, but this is the best part he done.

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Robin Wright, I knew nothing about when I started to watch the series in 2013, They couldn’t pick a better actress for the part. She is just perfect.

The first 4 episodes came to me when I flew back from NYC in September 2013. The series was at that time more or less unknown over here in Sweden. Today it’s the same talking point as everywhere else around the world.

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With Netflix thought to have an international marketing budget of around $1bn (£700m) and $5bn committed to covering programming rights this year, the streaming service has deep pockets to promote the show that has become its global master brand. In UK only there is suppose to be about 5,2 million fans.

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The marketing also includes a fake campaign website, FU2016. Where Frank’s un-nerving gaze is turned towards the viewer when a keyboard cursor runs over his eyes – plus a spoof presidential pardon from the politician on Twitter for those planning to take the day off work to watch the show. And at Amazon we can find all the usual campaign stuff; mugs, T-shirts, bags, laptop sleeves and beach towels.

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I could have started watching last night, but with the laundry room booked 8 am this morning, I save it up for this evening. Can’t wait … to crawl up in my comfortable bed and spend most of the night with Frank.

To paraphrase Frank Underwood, sleep is so overrated.

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“Of all the things
I hold in high regards,
rules are not one of them”
Frank Underwood

22 thoughts on “sleepless weekend ahead … frank is back!!!

  1. Do you know, I’ve never seen this, Vivi??? I don’t watch a lot of TV (himself has the remote control 🙂 ) but I record some things to watch when I’m ironing. (War and Peace at the minute 🙂 ). I do like Spacey so I must give it a whirl. Happy wash day darlin’! 🙂

    • Yes, my friend was all up about the “War & Peace” series. Have to watch it too, but Frank comes first.
      I have to have one foot outside the law .. to be able to spend time with him, becuase he is all Netflix.
      Washing done, now a bit prep work for dinner tonight. I wish you a lovely afternoon.

      • The battle scenes are horribly gory but I pay close attention to the shirts when they come on. Creases in the right places for a change 🙂 It’s Mother’s Day in the UK tomorrow. I’ll be cooking, as usual, but I may be taken out for a meal this evening, if I play my cards right. 🙂 More expense! James car was shunted on Tuesday, into the back of a taxi! Her insurance will cover part of it but we don’t know how much yet. The main thing is that he’s ok, of course! Just shook up a bit. He travels a lot for work so it’s hard to find time to get it fixed. Mick has taped the bumper back on. Most inelegant! 🙂 🙂 Hugs, lovely lady!

      • Jo, so glad that James is okay. A car is just a car after all … and a dangerous tool at time. Hope it turns out well with the insurance – they can truly be tricky.
        Jo, there is plenty rental cars … in UK.
        I truly hope that you will be well treated and spoiled tomorrow. I don’t understand that it’s the person that is celebrated that has to do all the job. *smile
        I wish you a fantastic Mothers Day and if the “boys” don’t treat you right – tell them I will come and sort them out. Enjoy your day and refuse to cook. Mother’s Day hug ….

      • If I have spent time with Frank???? Of course – most of the night. Had breakfast in bed with him this morning. On episode 7 just now. He was shot and needed a new liver … but he back to his old ruthless self now. Great to have him back.
        What I fantastic acter Spacey is!!!
        Chocolates, I’m glad you changed your mind about sharing with me!!! Thank you so much!!!! You enjoy your day … now.!!!!

  2. 🙂 I like it when I see it. Because it’s a weekly episode I often forget and then I miss the plot. I think I have to binge-watch on Netflix or DVD or whatever to get into the Frank Underwood-spirit.
    A very HAPPY weekend to you, dear Wivi xoxo 🙂

    • Thank you, Dia .. we had a very wet weekend .. haven’t done much more than booked my Christmas trip. Going to Marrakesh this year. Very exciting, never been to Morroco. Will be staying in the old town, but not in the middle of the madness.
      House of Cards is not a weekly series, Netflix is always releasing all the episodes at once – but I’m afraid if you start watching you can’t stop. You have 3 seasons to catch up. I watched 6 episodes last evening and during the night. Time to crawl into bed with Frank again now. I wish you a great week. Duvet hug …

      • 🙂 Ok, now I really think I have to get Netflix! sounds very addictive.
        Listened to your CD in the car yesterday. What a wonderful way to start the day. Thank you so very much!
        Sleep tight, sweet dreams!
        Big hug xoxo 🙂

      • Dia, so glad you liked the CD! Yes, I think Netflix is the best streaming site there is. Have watch 10 now … will watch one during my travelling to Prague tomorrow evening. Time for duvet. Sleep well and dream carefully. Big hug.

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