weekly photo challenge – state of mind

“I adore Chicago. It is the pulse of America.”
 Sarah Bernhardt

Chicago  …. in my state of mind!!!! Chicago, I love you! Will be back soon.


25 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – state of mind

  1. Got me toe tapping and singing, Vivi. 🙂 When are you there again? And how are the aches and pains? An early under the duvet night? Dad is 88 years young today! Had a minor eye operation this afternoon. Some celebration! 🙂

    • Good Morning, hopefully I will be able to go back maybe next year. I really miss it, but hotel rates went through the roof last year. I have been “under” the duvet for weeks, don’t have a clue what is wrong with me. No motivation at all. Hopefully Prague will change that. Give your dad my regards, 88 years .. fantastic age. Every day we have our parents around is a day of celebration. Was it you that had an operation or dad???? Have a lovley weekend.

      • Hiya sweetheart! 🙂 Just busy putting a pop of colour together for a Carnival post to liven up the weekend. I think the whole Prague episode drained you, Vivi. That was so hard on you! I know you love to be out and about and see people but it’s a tiring lifestyle (of which I’m madly jealous 🙂 ) No- it was Dad’s op. He needs cataracts doing but doesn’t care so long as he can watch his snooker. 🙂 Thanks, darlin. Quiet one with James in Eindhoven, and grey skies again 😦 Snowdrop walk maybe tomorrow. 🙂

      • I like your dad’s attitude. My kind of guy!!! Not that I like snooker … but so long as I can watch TV and work on my PC .. I’m okay.
        I know it was a nearly 14 days over in UK, but I had a fantastic time .. I think it’s my feet problem that is getting to me, so bad just now. Doesn’t matter what shoes I have on and it wakes me up 3-4 times per night. And because my sore feet I don’t walk right and get the back pain. No ending story, but give me some corcous to rest my eyes on. Have seen some snow drops during the week .. but my world needs color. Will come over and visit your world tomorrow .. Lots.

      • Late good morning, just woken up … I was up walking during the night again, but today another day, very grey, but dry … Brunch hug.

      • Just have to add that I’ve been walking this morning, admiring the crocuses, and am now settled to answer comments with your wonderful CD as background. 🙂 How did you know I love Dylan? Oops- must go! It’s Let’s Face the music- my Ginger routine beckons 🙂 🙂

      • Not much of spring here yet, but in a weeks time .. I would think small flowers will brighten up our world and our parks. So glad you like the CD! Keep the music playing. Have a lovely Sunday. Time for duvet now. Hugs…

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    • Yes, you must …. far better than NYC!!! Yes, been on my sore feet for a while now … but I don’t feel the most motivated just now. So tired all the time. But a little spring will change that. *smile

      • Thank you, Nia … yes, spring soon!!! And then summer and I will be back in Istanbul again. My feet is the biggest problem just now – but I have to carry on, but something is seriously wrong here and it gives me back pain too. Something I never had before, but I think it’s the feet that cause me that problem, I’m not able to walk properly. Thank you for asking, Nia!
        My love to you both!!!!

      • Have you seen the doctor for your feet dear, You are welcome dear Viveka, you know I am a grandmother now, the baby is three months now, and I miss him so much. Love, nia

      • Congratulations to you all … fantastic news!!!! And a little boy! So happy for all 5 of you. Yes, 2-3 times and they did some tests last year, but after that I didn’t hear anything more than the results was good – but the numbness in my feet are getting worse by the month now. Have written a letter to my doctor .. hope I get help soon because this is not normal. *smile

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