sl-week 34; trees

“Trees love to toss and sway;
they make such happy noises.”
Emily Carr


This amazing tree did my blogging friend Leya and I meet during our daytrip to Køge, Denmark in July-14 and a couple of week later I was told that they had cut down the tree … that made my heart very sad. A big healthy beautiful tree just wasted. How sad and burtal we can be at times!!!!

SL-WEEK 34 : Trees


13 thoughts on “sl-week 34; trees

    • I know … and where it was standing it wasn’t in the way or anything like that .. what a waste of healthy nature. I don’t know about this tree … but when it comes to our forests it’s all about profit and money … but also waste. Terrible. Look what they done to the rain forests in South America and Borneo.

  1. Yes, it was beautiful – a sad sight some weeks later. Seemingly for no reason at all it was cut. Love this picture though – it will make us remember.

  2. Sad about the tree, if it was all healthy! I’m wondering, could it be that someone painted it this beautiful as an attempt to save it, to get attention around it, knowing there were plans to cut it down? Well, evenso, it didn’t help (this time), but I kind of like that idea…

    • I don’t understand neither, Gunilla. The tree was just standing there along the railway, but it wasn’t close to the track. My friend went back to Köge a couple of weeks later and it was gone. I like the idea too .. that somebody up a great afford into maybe saving it.

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