a very fishy business – mussel inn, edinburgh

If you click on this logo it will take you to other food adventures I had around the world

If you click on this logo it will take you to other food adventures I had around the world

From the start of this dining, the adventure was very fishy – booked over internet two days in advance but never got a confirmation. So on the day, I tried to contact them to see what have happened with my booking if I was in or out.

The contact number on their website was the wired ever. It was like ending up in an insurance company “your call is important to us – please, hold”. Waited 45 min – still no operator free. No message saying that the restaurant was closed between 3 -5 pm.

So in the evening, I went there anyhow and as I feared there was no booking. The restaurant was packed, but as a couple was leaving as I arrived, so I got a table straight away.enjoying mussels

MUSSEL INN Seafood Restaurant
61-65 Rose Street
Edinburgh, EH2 2NH
Phone: 0131 255 5979 (right number!!!)
Cuisine: Mussels, fish & seafood
££order taken

A very simple set up, plain tables that are easy to clean and set up quickly (a must for this place). I guess that restaurant hold about 40 seats in the restaurant and 12 in the bar. Some table had 3 services while I was there. Very busy and only 2 waiters … and one person in the bar, that was doing welcome and seating. They provided an excellent service together. Great team work.neighbors leftovers

I would say that 97% of the guests was enjoying mussels in some shape and form. And the guests were from all corner of our world and all ages. Earlier in the day, before lunch … and went into Primark that is just opposite the restaurant and there was 3 Asian youth waiting for the restaurant to open up. bread and butter

Mussel Platter
18 mussels grilled with garlic butter

Toasted garlic Basket of freshly baked crusty bread

Spiced Fish Stew
A rich tomato sauce with Asian spices, mixed vegetables, chunky potatoes, and white fish all topped with crème fraiche

Pear Parfait
Pear flavoured parfait topped with a summer berry sauce

Wine: Avenda, Sauvignon Blancgrilled mussels

The grilled mussels were absolutely delicious  and it was a generous portion. I wanted to use up the whole bread basket to get all the garlic butter, but I had to hold back because of the main course. The mussels they served that evening was from Unts, Shetland.heavenly stew

The main course, the fish stew so full of Asian flavors – just as the menu said – and I loved the chunks of potatoes in the stew. And the coriander wasn’t overpowering.finale touch

Not very often I see parfait on desserts menu those days. One of my favorite desserts when I having dinner parties. Easy to make and for flavor nearly everything can be used. My private favorite is mince pie parfait. But it’s never a dessert that I really order on a restaurant because they are normally served far too hard and it has even happen to me that my parfait has left the plate and ended up on the other side of the restaurant when I put the fork in it.

But their pear parfait was served perfect  and with the little tangy fruit sauce … a perfect ending to a GREAT food experience.

They also have a restaurant in Glasgow. Just an amazing operation and very popular. They only have to sort out their answer machine and the menus, they were falling apart.

“Food may be more than entertainment.
It may be the
only sensual experience left”
Barbar Ehrenreichmussel inn

As cloud over this post am I using “Via Con Me” from the soundtrack to the 2007 movie “No Reservations” with Catherine Zeta-Jones and Aaron Eckhart.

10 thoughts on “a very fishy business – mussel inn, edinburgh

  1. I just love your posts about food. Do you live in Sweden? I’m in Europe this April & May & part of June. No agenda, other than to write. I feel like I should go to Edinburgh. I was there in 2012.

    • Thank you so much!!!! Of course you should visit Edinburgh … and Belfast. You will love Belfast and what that city has to offer today. Plus Copenhagen and Stockholm. I would love to be able to travel around in Europe for 2,5 months.
      You fly to Dublin … take the train up to Belfast and from there you can buy a bus ticket with ferry crossing inclued to Glasgow and Edinburgh.

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