the brutal reality knocked on our door

last night 2 -…. just before midnight last evening. A 25 – 30 -year-old man was shot on our doorstep and he was declared dead he when he arrive at Helsingborg’s hospital.

When I heard the shots I rushed to my bay window and there was nothing outside on the street. After a couple of minutes, I saw a young man running down the street and went in behind the two buildings opposite ours. Another man came running just minutes after but continue down the street.

Phoned the police straight away without knowing what had happened and they informed me that they already were dealing with the incident. Also informed them about the running men, but the police haven’t come back to me. They are asking for witnesses to come forward in the press today.last night 1 -

For me it didn’t sound like shots it was more like somebody had been banging on some metal very hard and fast, 5-6 bang.

I joined the crowd on the street after 15 min and the shooting had happened just beside our courtyard entrance and after that, I went straight back to my apartment.

This morning the newspaper informed that the young man was shot outside an entrance door like he had been standing to talk to somebody or was waiting for somebody.

A witness at the scene was shocked so difficult that another ambulance was sent to the crime scene during the night.

This morning the police technicians continued to investigate crime scenes, but the street is open for traffic now. shooting -

There isn’t a day that the news tells us about murders and killing, even in the most peaceful places all over Sweden. Where did things go so wrong with our society????

Where did we lose our respect for life, our own and others????

My thoughts go out to the young man’s family and friends.

Maybe he is my neighbors??? Maybe he was one of the young men that plays soccer in our courtyard during the warm summer evenings with the younger children???

“Things do not change. We change.”
Henry David Thoreau

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62 thoughts on “the brutal reality knocked on our door

  1. I’m sorry to hear this Viveka. How scary when it is so close to home. I blame TV a lot, I don’t think young people today really understand death. When it’s all over, the person can get up and go on with things, right? Just like on TV.

    • Jo, I totally agree with you – we have made violence to our home as entertainment today. Even music videos show violence. We can show a man beating up his partner on TV, but we are not allowed to show people making love in some countries. Just as you say …. young people don’t realize that if you shot somebody there is a big chance they will not survive or kick somebody to the head, they will not raise up and walk away after a couple of minutes. Just terrible.

    • Yes, it’s something we hear and read about every day … everywhere, but when it hit us close – that is when we realize how brutal our world is those days.

      • I think because of the internet and social media we hear about it much more and quicker. but our world is no more brutal than is was when I was growing up, we had the constant threat of the IRA in main land UK and the terrible things that happened and are still happening in Ireland, even in my home city of Liverpool we had race riots and gang violence right up to the late 90’s

      • I lived in Belfast for 10 years, but I don’t think there is a difference today between cities and countries. “Same shit” happens everywhere.
        Was just out and looked at the entrance where the man was shot and the police have cleaned it up very nicely – the door that was got some bullets is taken away and now there were young people putting down their flowers. All of them immigrants, but could be born in Sweden.
        We are only 39.000 living here in Landskrona and we had gang-related shootings and killings too, a couple happens every year.
        Senseless crimes.

      • I have visited Belfast many times and in truth never once saw any trouble and met some lovely people, such a sad thing to happen such a wast of a life

      • I didn’t really see any troubles neither .. some bomb-treats, but lived there when the big changes happened. Once on bus that was searched, but nothing else.

      • Frightening experience, but teaches you to be more aware of what is going on around you and to notice things, a bit out of practice nowadays very rarely leave our little peninsula

  2. I’m so sorry, Viveka, that is scary to have violence brought to your doorstep, to have to worry about the kids playing in your own courtyard. I agree that we are all being desensitized to violence, especially the kids. Yet, when it’s real, its different and still much scarier.

    • The victim isn’t named yet in the press … maybe he didn’t live in our house, but still … but what I understand did people response very quickly to what happened and the police were at the place in only a couple of minutes, but they couldn’t save his life.
      In all honestly, I think we adults very good in enjoying violence on TV and films too. It’s in nearly every TV series those days.
      It’s scary, but most of all I’m upset over the waste of lives … everywhere around the world, mean less killing.
      Friends are killing friends too.

      • Yes, the movies make us think it’s easy to survive a gunshot, when one is all it takes! And one punch can kill a person. Yet the movies make it seem like violence doesn’t matter. And people are okay afterwards. When we aren’t! It is a waste. If we could that same effort and caring into helping everyone have a great life, then maybe the killing would stop.

      • Brenda, I think most of it has to do with upbringing too. To have been though how to respect yourself and others. To have got the right values. I wonder what makes people kill???!!!

      • Had 2 crime inspectors here today / they took my statement … 2hours and 15 min. I hope that what I saw will give them something to work with. Nobody deserves to lose a loved one by the act of crime.

      • Yes, so do I … but I don’t envy the police. It’s a bag circle. It will only take a couple of days and they will have another case.

      • Oh, that is depressing. You must live in a big city. I live in a small city, and murder is rare here. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter to me. It does. It should matter to all of us.

      • I live in small city, 39000 and there is something going on every week. Maybe not murder, but violence. Truly scary what our country has come to. Only 9,5 million in total, but crimes like just any other country.
        It is only us that can make a change.

      • I live in a city of 87,000, in a state just under 7 million. The country has nearly 314 million. We have crime of every sort, but most is concentrated in the bigger cities. My particular city is peaceful and intellectual. The republicans who live here (very few of them) say they will move to Canada if Trump is elected. The rest of us are watching his antics with horror. He is building hate. Hate is what causes crimes like domestic violence and murder. It’s a scary time to be American. Sounds like Sweden isn’t free of problems either. The human race seems divided between the haters and the rest of us.

      • Brenda, it seems that crimes are everywhere those days … if it hasn’t happened anything it will happen sooner or later. Yes, I Trump wins I think I will lose faith in US!!!! For that man is just like you say, building hate. The thing is when things aren’t great far too many people listens to men like him, look at Hitler. Also as the president of Untied States of American he will become the most powerful man in the world .. and that will create problems all over the world. I’m scared of Trump and his values.

      • I’m afraid of ignorance and hatred, and he has come to represent both to me. Unfortunately, so many people wouldn’t agree with me. They baffle me. How can they think he would be a good president? I just don’t believe it can happen. But remember that the US isn’t one person. Plenty of us here will be horrified if he’s elected. Millions of us.

      • Brenda, I know … and I hope there is enough of your kind when it comes to the E-day. Truly horrified to listen to the man .. and then in Russia they have somebody that are all over the place too. It’s often that I’m glad that I’m so old as I’m!!!!

    • Thanks, Andy …. I didn’t really understand what it was that had happened. Didn’t sound like shoots to me, but I never heard gun shoots IRL before. So sad!!! It made me so upset because it’s such a senseless crime, but all crimes are!!! The police have done a great job with the cleaning of the crime scene.

    • Yes, I’m okay … thank you. The police spend 2 hours investigating me on Saturday – what I understand don’t they have many eye witness … because most people was in bed. And it took them a while to get to the windows.
      I hope they will the killer, because as you say … for his family to find some peace and justice. There is talk about that is was a showdown, but the police doesn’t say anything.

  3. Terrible, Viveka. I heard about it on the radio, but I try not to listen. The only news we get nowadays are bad news. But having it happen on your doorstep…what a frightening experience. I do not think i would have understood what happened either. Good you called the police anyway and good you were not outdoors when it happened. Poor kid and poor family… A waste.

    • A-C, what could be so bad that somebody has to die for it – but it happens everyday all over our country, but it’s when it happens close to comfort that it really hit me. Yes, what a waste!!! I don’t think it would have happened if there was people on the street. It’s not a busy street … and very seldom is there people around in the evening. I saw his friends laying down flowers yesterday afternoon.

    • Thanks for you concern – I don’t feel unsafe … but I don’t like feeling that a young life has been wasted. To easy to get a gun and pistol those days .. even if we have very strikte laws here in Sweden. If it’s guns .. it’s knifes.
      Things has gone out of hands!!!

    • Lucid, yes … dreadful. Just visit the entrance where he was killed and his family and friends has lit candles and put down flowers. Lovely messages has been left too. Many hearts that is aching now.

  4. Nobody is safe anywhere, Vivi, are they? Such a shock when it comes so close! Do you know many of your neighbours? I know most of mine by sight or to talk to, but we’ve lived here for 26 years. His poor family! Hugs, sweetheart.

    • Jo, I guess that this killing some kind of showdown, but still it’s totally acceptable. I put down a candle today where he was shot and the message, What a waste of a young life! Rest in peace. Every evening his friends are meeting up where he was killed. I don’t know if he and his family live in the house or he was related to our house in some way. Had 2 inspectors here yesterday for over 2 hours interviewing me and they didn’t want to say anything. Which I understand. I know 2 of my neighbors that lives in that entrance, but they are all okay. Maybe I know 20% of the 76 families that lives here.
      Terrible what has happened. Valentine hug!!!!!

      • Girlfriend, it’s a such a pleasure to send you a post card. Glad it has arrived. Most postcards from Prague was water damage (Christmas) .. was yours okay?????

      • Now you have me hunting to check 🙂 🙂 I had a tidy up before the family came up from Norfolk, and that’s fatal! 🙂 I’m sure it was fine because I remember it being a beauty.

      • I don’t know what has happened to 50% of all the cards I sent … totally unreadable. And I posted all on the same letter box, but you have received the card … *smile

    • No, I’m not afraid to go out …. this was a very personal attack what I understand. The killer knew he was standing there. But it is a reminder of what brutal reality we have close to home, everywhere today. Also, I can let the violence dictate my life and limited my way of living.

    • Colleen, I would say that most of our problems lay in upbringing today. Parents don’t have a clue what their kids are up to. Yes, but nobody should have to die by violence. They are talking about reconciliation of some kind, but still …

    • So true, Manja!!!! But today it can happen anywhere. We can’t even be sure if we will make it home after our grocery shopping will all this terror going on, but it’s not going to stop me from living my life. *smile

    • Maralee, I know … we are not even safe in our homes anymore and I don’t think it will be any better!!! It happens more and more often. They had one man arrested, but had to let him go.

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