edinburgh by nigh – in random

castle 2

Since my return from my 16 days UK tour have I been under the duvet with a true server cold or flue, today is the first day  that I have felt okay.

Now when I feel motivated again I would love to take you back to beautiful Edinburgh.

Of course, the castle dominates the Edinburgh night scene, but there are lights everywhere and it makes the city so welcoming and inviting .. and I loved the feeling that the city is all there for me and Oscar to use and abuse after a great dinner.

“I like the night.
Without the dark,
we’d never see the stars.”
Stephenie Meyer

As cloud over this post I have chosen “Stay Out” by Nina Nesbitt,  a Scottish singer-songwriter and musician. Born in 1994.

11 thoughts on “edinburgh by nigh – in random

  1. Fabulous Vivi! Glad you’re finally feeling a little better. Lisa was there celebrating her 45th birthday today. I’m heading home tomorrow. Snow forecast! Sad face xxx

    • Girlfriend, thank you so much …. I’m glad that I got it as a normal flue/cold and not ended up in my neck again as the last 6 times. 45 years – say congratulations from me. And you as her mum .. still a spring chicken.Congratulations to you too.
      See you soon!!!

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