260 steps for a piece of carrot cake

…. and I thought I would die! I don’t have a clue what has happened to all the downhill streets in Edinburgh, couldn’t find one during the whole day.

castle in the dusk

Edinburgh Castle is one of the most magnificent castles in the world. Not that I have been to so many, but I have been a couple of times to Edinburgh Castle and I will go back again.

Site occupied since the late Bronze Age; buildings of present castle date from the 12th to 21st centuries and still in use today.The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards(Carabiniers and Greys), that you hear playing here … has its HHQ at the castle.

I started off at the lowest point in Edinburgh by the Waverly Station taking the Cockburn Street up to the Royal Mile. After walking along the Mile for a while, I took St.Mary’s Street and walking along the Cowgate to Grassmarket.

There I started on Granny’s Green Steps from Grassmarket and then I took the Castle Wynd North up to the castle = 260 steps (I counted them). And then I must have taken the same amount of steps walking around the castle.

With Google help, I have counted that I walked about 3miles/4.82 kilometer (steps included), from that I left my hotel and came back to it. I will have problems to move tomorrow morning. half way there

I had a fantastic day with clear blue sky and sunshine from that I woke up until I returned to the hotel. It was a bit nippy in the wind, but nothing a Viking, like me couldn’t handle.

Around 2 pm I visit The Tea Room at the Castle – enjoyed a great piece of carrot cake and a cappuccino, wrote a couple of postcards and finished off the last bit of the castle ground. The Tea Room is a true oasis with wonderful cakes and afternoon tea. And also some hot dishes on the menu.

St Margaret’s Chapel is always the highlight of my visits to the castle (think I been there 4 times in total) … the oldest surviving building in Edinburgh. The Chapel was built on the highest point of the castle rock in the early 12th century by King David. If I ever get married, which I doubt very much, I will get married in this little chapel. Just big enough for the groom and me. *smile

Of course, the view of Edinburgh from the castle is breathtaking – worth the climb.

Of course, the view of Edinburgh from the castle is breathtaking – worth the climb.

Walking down the Royal Mile Edinburgh was going into it’s soft dusk mood and all the magnificent buildings because even more beautiful and Princes Street’s face became soft too. One of the longest shopping streets in the world, I think. I know that “Strøget” in Copenhagen is the longest. 1,1 kilometer (0.683 miles).

Back at St Andrew Square, where my hotel is, the Keyframe light exhibition was lit for the first time, not all figures were lite up, but most of them. Great display and really fun to watch.keyframe figures 2

“Edinburgh, a city so beautiful
it breaks the heart again and again.”
Alexander McCall Smith


16 thoughts on “260 steps for a piece of carrot cake

    • Thank you so much for the nice comment about my images. Edinburgh is truly beautiful … and I hope that you will come back here. I’m sure that Edinburgh is longing to see you again.

    • Maralee not much has changed in Edinburgh .. some new office buildings maybe and plenty more hotels and shops of course, but it has kept its beauty intact. I truly hope that you will be able to visit again one day. I’m coming back in May because I have been invited to a wedding.

    • Julie, thank you so much … for your lovely comment. It’s was for the view too … but had the coffee break mostly on my mind and I wasn’t even sure if they had a cafe at the castle. It resulted in a great headline. *smile

    • Loisa, thank you so much …. I’m suffering a bit today, so I have to be a bit easier on the old body today, but yesterday was a fantastic day. And with me, you will never be short of cake breaks. *smile

    • Manja, I just love receiving postcards myself … in nowadays when everything goes over the internet, is it nice to get something personal and also to write. And I love to pick the cards too. Thanks for coming along.

    • ThAaaAaank You, Nia! Yes, I stopped and watched it every night when I returned to my hotel .. it was on display just across the street. And the figures was flashing to music. Great show. Lots … Wivi

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