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For at least 4 years now …. between my appointments with my hairdresser and dentist in Belfast, have I enjoyed lunch at the little welcoming restaurant Shed. So this visit no difference.

467 Ormeau Rd, Belfast BT7 3GR
Phone:028 9064 2630
Head Chef and General Manager; Gareth England
Cuisine; Contemporary – ££ – Reservation for evening waiting

Located just between my hairdresser and dentist, with an always exciting and creative small lunch menu. I can’t just pass it, it’s a part of my yearly visit to Belfast.

First time I visit in 2012, was it only me and another table for lunch. And yesterday they had to turn guests away, becuase it was full.

“Shed” is a bit away from the city center on the famous Ormeau road, that had a very central part in through the years of problems in Belfast during the Orange March. It’s also holds the Orange Lodge and the Ormeau Bridge was been closed off many times through the marching periods to seperate the two sides.

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It happened once during my 10 years in Belfast, so I was there when the big changes happened and the beginning of the Belfast that it’s today; a vibrant, welcoming trendy, friendly, modern city with a very sad history in it’s back pocket and with fantastic restaurants in all it’s corners.

I take bus 7a or 7b, from City Hall.

National Geographic had Belfast on it’s World Top Ten Tourist Destinations a couple of years ago.

A visit to Belfast wouldn’t be the same without having lunch at “Shed” – mostly because of their quality of products and dishes, but also their welcoming and hospitality. You’re always met by a big smile, doesn’t matter how busy they are.


Plus their small menu has always offers creative and interesting dishes, without being over the top and trying to hard to be different. I can relate to everything on the menu and every dish have always talked to me.

For lunch this time did I have; Lamb Sheek Kebab (flatbread, casundi ketchup, pomegranate yogurt and fresh mint pesto) and a side order of their Sweet Potato Wedges (sesame seeds, fresh coriander and chili).

The kebabs was served like big meatballs and so tasty, served with a very light crisp mixed salad with red onion. I didn’t have a clue was casundi ketchup could be – but what I understand is it an Indian spices mix. It gave a mild tickle.

The Sweet potato wedges was so delicious – I know how hard it’s to get sweet potato wedges/chips crisp, nearly impossible – and they severed their’s soft and with generous amount of chopped fresh coriander I truly could had a second bowl.
view from a lunch table

I only had tap water with my meal, that was served straight away as I taken my seat … and I finished off with a cappuccino.

When I left the restaurant just before 2pm it still had every seat taken – so glad that this little restaurant is doing so well for itself, because it has everything for a great food experience.

I have never enjoyed a dinner with them, but it doesn’t really belong to my yearly visit to my old home city, Belfast.

pavement seatings

I’m thinking about visiting Belfast again in the spring, because of best friend ,Gina,  she had server health problems in her family and wasn’t able to meet up with me. And also my friend, Geraldine, in Dublin have a tough time with after treatments a bad trip outdoors about 10 months ago. So I haven’t been able to visit her neither.

So in April, maybe things has settled for two very important ladies in my life and .. and able to spend and share sometimes with me. It will give me a chance to enjoy another great lunch at “Shed”.


“There’s no such thing as a free lunch.”
Milton Friedman

I have chosen a track for this post with one of Beflast’s greatest sons, Van Morrison.

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