a day trip to london … mostly in transit

misty start

My yesterday was suppose to be walking around and enjoying the city a bit … but ended up to be more about on and off… in and out.

All because rail engineering work between Brighton and Three Bridges, and a train journey that normally should take about 60 min took 2 hours 10 min. Great value for money!!!!! *smile
colorful london

Something my “sorry ass” wasn’t too happy about and neither was I, but it was what it was. Saw a lot of the countryside and Littlehampton.

My day started of very bleak and misty, but in London the sun came out for a short period and outside Park Lane Hotel a magnolia tree in bloom (old image) enjoyed the sunshine … and it finished of in pouring rain.

magolia 1

So it was on the train and after seeing most of East Sussex’s country side we arrived to London Victoria. There was a standstill by the exit machines – all trains must had arrived on the same time.

First pop up of the Oyster Card (London Public Transport Card) and endless ques there too. Then on the Victoria Line, 2 stations, off at Oxford Circle … into Clark’s shoe shop. In and out of a couple of pairs, bought one .. out on Oxford Street again.

A short walk to St. Christopher’s Place and a fast lunch, at my favorite British fast food chain, “Pret A Manager”. A Hosin Duck wrap and a large cappuccino. The place was packed like the rest of London. The weather was so mild that nearly all outside table in area was taken. St. Christopher’s Place is a hidden gem off Oxford Street. My oasis when visiting Oxford Street.

Out on Oxford Street again, I walked down to Selfridge to get a stop for bus 10 – visited M&S very quickly, in and out. Tried on very nice boots, but no space in my luggage yet.

Jumped on bus 10 that took me to Royal Albert and Cirque du Soleil and their show AmaLuna, it’s their 20th anniversary this year.

The show was magical, as always, maybe not all that interesting act in the first act, but the scenery, customs and the music made up for it. Second act – the true magic arrived in all acts.

It’s not allowed to take photos with flash during their shows, but I manage a couple before I was told off. I never use flash indoors, but still I was told off, I think some of my seating neighbors had complained on the light on the screen display.

Anyhow the show was worth it’s money … and already looking forward to next years show.

bus stop view

Jumped on bus 52 that took me to Victoria Station, had time to visit the ladies … and jumped on the Southwestern train to Brighton … for another 2hours and 10 min.

Stepping outside Brighton station, it started to rain. It was now 8.40pm and I had left Brighton 10.03 and hadn’t got much done.shoes and return ticket

On my way back to the hotel I decided to have my dinner at “Wagamama”, that I hadn’t visit for year. When they opened their restaurant in South Kensington I was one of their most faithful customers. And they are still delivering.

“Wagamama” is a British food concept and chain that serves excellent food in a simple plain big restaurants, quick and efficient service and no fush what so ever. In Japanese, name means ‘naughty child’, or ‘one who is wilful and determined’. They been practicing kaizen since 1992 and first opened doors in London’s Bloomsbury. Today they have 140 restaurants in UK and Global.

I had one of their still best dishes the Chilli Sirlion Ramen (ramen is a hearty bowl of hot broth filled with fresh ramen noodles, toppings and garnishes, all served in a traditional black bowl) .. and as side dish I had their’s Lillipop Prawn Kushiyaki (skewers of grilled prawns marinated in lemon grass, lime and chilli. served with a caramelized lime) and I treated myself to 250ml fantastic hot and lean sake.pouring rain

And on a rainy evening as it was I just had to have a dessert too … I went for Onigiris ( balls of sticky rice rolled in dry coconut and deep-fried) and they was served with a passion fruit sauce. Just perfect ending on a very strange and bit all over the place day.

The best thing was that after leaving the restaurant I only had to walk for 6 min in the pouring rain and I was back on the hotel.

Another memorable day for the hard drive.

“A bad day in London is still better
than a good day anywhere else.”
Unknownpremier inn

24 thoughts on “a day trip to london … mostly in transit

  1. Oh you naughty girl, getting told off for taking photographs! But the results were worth it! What a nightmare of a train journey….I am finding the journey to London a pain at the moment, but it will get better

  2. It’s obvious that the issue was with Oscar, thus not you. Maybe your sorry ass was also involved in the conspiracy.

    You are a traveling machine. Wonderful!!!! I haven’t visited London … well, other than flying over the city after departing from Amsterdam on the way home.

    You’ll appreciate this … Last night we went to the Dancing With the Stars touring show … very entertaining … and I also marvel at the physicality of the dancers. What strength! We saw everyone in this pic. http://dwtstour.com/ Hope all is well!

    • Frank, we will never know … ~smile .. but I can’t really blame Oscar for the railwork.
      Now you have made me so envy … DWS – I would have loved to see that show. One of my favorite programs … I don’t like the Swedish set up .. or the British so much as your’s. Your show is pure GLAM.
      Thanks for asking … doing pretty good, in Belfast just now. And over the weekend I be in Scotland, finish off with 3 nights in Edinburgh, one of my favorite cities in Europe. Flying home from there. So life is on the good side now, even if the weather isn’t. Ireland is now hit by the Eastern US snow storm .. the beginning of it. But no snow .. just rain and more rain. It was expected. Lots .. to you two.

      • Sounds like a wonderful trip … enjoy the rest of the journey.

        Our DWTS is a bit over the top as they try to out-do each other with props, effects, and whatever. But we keep watching, thus wondering who is going to be on the next season.

  3. You and your sorry ass surely made the best of it, Vivi 🙂 20 years of Cirque du Soleil- how amazing is that? Haven’t watched the video yet but I will. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

    • Thank you, Jo …. today my sorry ass toke over my life and put me under the duvet for nearly 4 hours. Today Belfast has been all over the place, had lunch with very dear friends … we had storm, rain and sunshine. Done some shopping … tonigh something light at the hotel. So sore.!!!! Feeling sorry for myself hug *smile

      • Hard to be travelling with a sorry ass, Vivi! Bad enough being at home 😦 Pain killers to turn you into a zombie? (no offense- you will make a lovely zombie 🙂 Gentle hugs!

      • Jo, it’s a while since I used pain killer … because it’s most at night that I have my “sore” time, so I take a relaxation pill when I go to bed. It has been sore for some days now, but it’s much nice to have the problem here .. than at home. Eating at the hotel tonight a nice smoked salamon salad. So not all is bad. *smile

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