another soaking day with sue

on routeWhen Sue@WordsVisual  and I met for the first time last year in London for lunch, it was wet and full storm. And today it was soaking wet again. I don’t know if it’s me that cause the bad weather or if it is Sue.ticket

Anyhow we had a great day … with loads of talk, catching up, photo shooting, wet bags and sore feet.

When I came outside my hotel in Brighton it was heavy rain and the streets were like waterfalls at some places on my route to the station. We had decided to meet up in Lewes.

Lewes is a very picturesque twon only 20 min train ride from Brighton against Seaford and Eastbourne.train view

My train arrived only a couple of minutes before Sue’s and we decided to escape the rain and go for lunch at Bill’s straight away.

Bill’s is a fantastic concept and the place was already packed when we arrived just before noon, didn’t have to wait for table, but we were squeezzed in at a community table.just love it

I was introduced to Bill’s last year by Suzanne@The Travelbunny and I fell in love it the whole concept at first sight and their view on food and service. Keep it simple, affordable, fresh and tasty. Plus I’m mad about their Pink smokers

Bill’s story started in 2000 in Lewes when the town was totally flooded and his shop got ruined and when he re-opened he added a cafe. Today he has about 70 cafe around UK.

We had loads to catch up about and we both let our cameras work during lunch. I went for the roasted squash, red lentil and coconut soup, roasted chicken breast on corn cakes with avocado salsa and finished of with warm mini doughnuts with warm chocolate sauce.

It was around 2pm when we decided to see try to find out how wet it was outside … and it wasn’t too bad and after a while the rain stopped.

We walked up the High Street, stopped at some shops, visited the entrance to Lewes Castle and walked a little future on High Street. And our cameras got to work agian.

Around 3.15pm we both felt that we had enough and went back to the station. Sue’s train arrived so soon we came to the platform and I had to wait about 15 min for mine. No big deal.

Back in Brighton, which was still very wet even if the rain had stopped.M&S salad

Stopped at M&S Simple Food at the station and bought my favorite salad of their’s – Sweet Chilli Chicken Noodle Salad, can’t believe that they had it for over 6 years. I felt that I was to tired to even think about going out for dinner tonight.

The evening was falling very quickly and I could enjoy the lights that Queen Road offered me as I walked to hotel.

I notice that even this visit Brighton offers me a full moon. It’s a bit funny with me, my travel and the moon. Most times I’m away somewhere I have full moon over me.
Maybe it’s like my mum always said; Viveka, you’re filled with moonlight.

Sue and I are visiting Warsaw together in June … I truly hope that those 5 days are going to be dry, very dry.

Sue, thanks for a brilliant wet day!

“Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet.”
Roger Millerbrighton moon

26 thoughts on “another soaking day with sue

  1. I am so glad you two had a good time. I loved your photos. It made me feel like I was a part of your trip. What caught my eye though, was the antique pitcher and old teddy bear. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee antiques, especially bears!!!

    • Then Lewes is the place for you …. and also Brighton … antique shops everywhere. The teddy bear … I saw to when I walked back to my hotel in Brighton, felt a bit like him *smile .. he was flat out in a plastic basket in a shop that exchange zipppers. Glad you wanted to join us, but feet is so sore now. Thanks for the lovely comment.

  2. And thank you for a lovely, fun, chatty despite being wet day! I am so tired I should sleep the sleep of the just tonight…. And well done for posting all those photos already! Mine will be maybe tomorrow, maybe Sunday…

  3. Meg, what a sweet thing to say – I shall feel privileged to meet you! Any ways, we talked about you, and Wivi said we should meet up for coffee, to which I responded “I hope we can do more than coffee!”

    • Yes, Ladies … lets have a drink or two … plus dinner one evening in the Old towm. Or at one of my favorite waterholes – Radio Cafe behind Marriott Hotel. Looking forward to meet up with you, Meg!

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  5. It would be hard not to have a good time with Sue, she’s lovely. And I remember Lewes as a very nice town, shame about the weather but you’ll just have to go again! I’m also a great fan of Bill’s, luckily we have on here in Exeter. I’m very jealous of you both getting to meet Meg.

    • Yes, it’s easy to have a great time with … Sue!!! She is just like me; you get what you see. I like that. Yes, Meg and I have been talking about meeting up when I visit Warsaw next time and next time will now when Sue and I visit. So looking forward to meet this interesting lady.
      Exeter I have been twice, just for a coffee break on my way to Cornwall and once meeting up with a supplier. Nice city.
      Bill’s is such a great concept, hard not to like it. Fresh gorgeous food every time

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