a catherdal and the bishop’s garden

bishop cross“Mankind was never so happily inspired
as when it made a cathedral.”
Robert Louis Stevenson

So I’m back in Brighton – a year has passed (so quickly) … And that meant today I had another great date with my lovley blogging friend, Suzanne@The Travelbunny. She came up with the idea to visit Chichester Cathedral.Chichester Cathedral

I passed Chichester many times on my way to Southampton by train, but never given it a thought that it could be a place to visit.

Suzanne picked me up in Brighton and we made our way by car to Shorham-by-Sea, where her parents lives and we took the train to Chichester from there.

It was a clear morning with a bit of a biting chill in the air. We started of with a great cappuccino at Maison Blanc with a lovely almond croissant and loads of talking.

So we didn’t take on the beautiful and massive Chichester Cathedral until after noon.
During the short walk from the cafe we met the spring in shape of daffodils and crocus. It was the same last year when we visited Lewes .. and that was in the end of January too.

 Chichester Cathedral is nearly 1000 years old. In 1076 Stigand, the first Norman bishop, began to build a new cathedral on the site of the Saxon church of St Peter, using stone from Quarry on the Isle of Wight. The Cathedral was completed by Bishop Ralph Luffa, who consecrated it in 1108.

Today the cathedral is a wonderful mix of it’s old heritage and contemporary art.big alter

I’m not a religious person, even if I may have Christian values and I haven’t really visit that many cathedrals or churches as a tourist, but I really enjoyed the hour we spent inside.against the light

After the Cathedral we visit the public part of the bishop palace garden. Even if it now is suppose to be winter, we saw some true beauty in the garden. Can image how stunningly beautiful it has be during the spring and summer.

Around 3pm we were back on the train, me heading for Brighton and Suzanne visiting her parents in Shoreham. It was a brilliant day, but we both felt a bit chilly into the bones, but the train was pleasantly warm. Something that is a bit unusal in UK. If it’s cold out side – is it normally chilly on public transport too.ticket home

So now I’m looking forward to next years visit to East Sussex and another girly day out with Suzanne.

Suzanne, thanks for a fantastic day!!!!

Welcome back!

12 thoughts on “a catherdal and the bishop’s garden

  1. That’s two lovely days out, Vivi! The photos in this one are really superb. So many likes, I haven’t time! Just back from celebrating James birthday in Leeds. Barely the energy to lift my glass 🙂

    • So long you have energy to life the glass .. I’m not too worried. I really like this post too … but we was lucky with the weather, even when the sun went it became chilly. Still I think I manage okay in Lewes consider all the rain on the lens. *smile

    • So sorry, I have missed your comment … !!!! Thank you so much for your kind words. For me is it so hard to make any churches justice, because I’m not a believer. The cathedral were stunning inside. I think to use the angle method it makes some details more intersting and it also give a big surface
      to work with. So you glad that you like when I use that method. Got the idea from a hotel in Chicago … all their wall art was on an angle and the motives was of buildings in Chicago.

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