thank you so much …..

WP anniversary-2x

for 4 fantastic years of blogging and friendship.

Thanks for that you have been here for me and my “sorry ass” to share my dramas, travel, views and statements, bad jokes, health problems, joy, music, lost, dreams, camera views, cooking, lonely dinning, laughter and tears, leftovers, pillow-talks, plans and feeling good. For all the fantastic dates I had with some of you – all over the world and for that you accept my Swenglish!

“Only on the Internet can a person be lonely and popular at the same time.”
Allison Burnett

25 thoughts on “thank you so much …..

  1. Congratulations on your anniversary, Vivi. Always enjoyed your blog, tales of travel and everything in between 😀 Love your positive attitude. It really does shine through your blog, photos and words ❤

    • Mabel, thank you so much for your lovely comment … means a lot to me and it’s fantastic to know that it shows that i’m a very positive person. Lovely to have you visiting.

  2. You are a fantastic woman, Viveka! And my admration is total.We’ve had some great times over the net and in real life – hopefully they will go on and on and on! I’m home the first two weeks in February – how about a chat over a cup or a glass somewhere? I’m not that happy driving wintertime – but it might not snow, and there are always delayed trains and cancelled buses…? Exhibitions? Any suggestions? ♥♥♥

  3. Congrats on the bloggiversary, Wivi! I am so very pleased to have met you via the blog, and met you in person! I love your positive attitude, lust for life, and we are on the same wavelength with food, travel, etc… Long may our friendship last.. (Oh, and I wondered why I hadn’t seen you in my Reader recently – WordPress has been playing games again)

  4. Congratulations – and thank YOU, Viveka! I’m not traveling a lot and am happy I can follow along on your travels, and even have a few virtual bites in fancy restaurants now and then. 😉

    • Hearty tank you, Gunilla … I’m so glad that you enjoy my post and it’s a privilege to share my travel, memories, experience and impression with you. One day I hope to visit Holland again, so maybe there will be chance to meet up.

  5. Congratulations on the anniversary. Doesn’t time fly? I’ll be celebrating 4 years in April as well. I can’t believe that I’m still here but with blogging friends like you it’s been a fun ride and I hope to share and read many more of your wonderful posts in the years to come.

    • Thank you so much, Carol … I really hope that you will carry on too!!!! I have cut down on my posting and writing, because of my “sorry ass” – try to avoid sitting down too long. Hope to have you around for years too.

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