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As most of you already know my Christmas Eve had a lot of drama when my friend ended up on hospital … with a suspected stroke. Happily it wasn’t a stroke, but still I had to return home without her a couple of days later. She is now also back home and doing well, so well as can be.tree decorations

Because of all the drama, I had to cancel our dinner booking for the evening, because I didn’t know when I would be back from the hospital.after midnight

I was back around 16.30 and with no booking for dinner on Christmas Eve, I knew I was up for a challenge. The hotel tried to get my booked table back, but it was already gone – the restaurant had a waiting list.

So all I could do was walking around the backstreets in the area around the hotel in hope to find somewhere to eat. Fully booked everywhere, but then I came to this lovely restaurant and the lovely lady behind the bar felt sorry for me and gave me a table, but she needed it back by 19.30. And what a lovely Christmas Eve I got … with great service and food.welcomming

La Boca
Truhlářská 1114/10,
110 00 Praha 1
Phone; +420 222 312 073
Cuisine; Spanish & Argentinian – $$

As I thought first it was a small colorful and cozy restaurant with only a few tables, but it was very big in the back, even there so colorful and inviting. I was really lucky, because during my dinner there was constantly people coming in and asking for table, but had to be turned away.

Staff was so lovely and caring … it felt so good be inside this warm and welcoming place.

For  my Christmas Eve dinner, alone I chose;
Christmas grilled wine sausage, marjoram crupoto
Lamb chops with lentil ragout with carrot, radicchio and roasted fennel
Plum dumplings with cottage cheese mousse, nut butterstarter

A choice that I didn’t regret – I don’t normally eat lamb for Christmas, but when I see a lamb dish on the menu is it hard for me to resite.

The starter was very generous and well presented. Very tasty. Never eaten anything like it before. Loads of flavors.

During the whole visit to Prague I called the Czech Republic for Poland, I don’t think I got right once. A bit embarrassing really.perfectly cooked

I LOVE lamb and I love lentils, so the main course was just up my alley … fantastic dish. Again a dish full with flavors and the chops was cooked to perfection. A great and very balanced combination I got on my plate.

The dessert, one of the best, loved it. I’m a pudding girl and the evening before I had something similar, never had dumplings before as dessert – so I had to try it again. dumplings

 The restaurant was very pleasant and the staff was so friendly … all spoke very good English. But they also have the most beautiful restrooms I ever been to. If my handbag had been big enough I think I would have tried to take one of the hand basins with me home.

I really recommend this restaurant only 5-8 min walk from the Old Town Sq. Normally I don’t think reservation is nessary because the restaurant is big, but for public holiday I think it’s a must.

I will return!!!!! A promise and a threat.

So thanks to the fantastic staff at La Boca, did I get a lovely Christmas Eve to remember after all.

“There are no strangers on Christmas Eve.”
Adele Comandinila boca sign

23 thoughts on “christmas eve savior – la boca, prague

    • Colleen, I was very lucky … that the bar lady felt sorry for me. Had a really nice evening and went early to bed. Santa didn’t know where I was *smile

    • Yes, Sylvia … I was so SOOOOOoo lucky! Plus that the restaurant was so good. The music – yes, one of my favorite Christmas songs .. love this version too. Have a lovey week.

    • Dia, you’re such a sweetheart. Yes, I was very lucky to get something to eat that night and even more lucky that it was such a great restaurant. Have a lovely Sunday and a great week. No win this week neither. *crying

  1. Your Christmas Eve sounds a bit like our New Year’s Eve. We spent the day at the hospital waiting for our son’s surgery to happen. At around 5:00 we decided we should go and have some dinner. Finding a restaurant that didn’t require reservations was a challenge and then finding one that didn’t want an arm and a leg (set menu with fixed prices) was another challenge. We did finally find a small Thai place that was very accommodating and we were served some of the best Thai food that we’ve ever eaten. Later that night our son was wheeled into surgery and we spent the Stroke of Midnight in the hospital waiting room. Luckily the waiting room overlooks the lake and we did see a few fireworks far off into the distance. In the end the surgery was a success and I got home about 2:00 in the morning.

    • Yes, you told me about your drama … so glad that everything turned out well and … that your son is back in his life. It seems like we both was lucky in our dramas and got both a great dinning experience out of it. My friend is still waiting for getting an appointment with the right clinic, but the medicine they gave her in Prague seems to work fine on her. So I hope it will not take so much longer for her to get the help she needs. The said they was going to put urgent on her case, but everything is relative. *smile

  2. Sounds and looks just wonderful – how fortunate you found this. Sorry about all the drama, but your friend seems to have come out of it OK too.

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