weekly photo challenges, weight (less)

“Sticking feathers up your butt
does not make you a chicken.”
Chuck Palahniuk

light like a feather 1lost feathersLight as a feather



14 thoughts on “weekly photo challenges, weight (less)

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  2. Beautiful images, Viveka! Love the Forrest Gump theme music. I think I have the piano music somewhere. Thank you so much for you postcard from Prague. Sorry you didn’t get your white Christmas. 😃 xx😘

    • Thank you so much, Sylvia … I got my white Prague 4th Jan when I had to go back and collect my friend that ended up on hospital on Christmas Eve. It was only a day trip, but it was beautiful. Going back in March for 4 nights, because the Christmas visit didn’t give me much time to enjoy the city during day time with my friend on hospital. And we had some snow here for 2 days … but it’s nearly all gone now. I want my winter to be white. *smile -Happy New Year!!!!

    • Regarding this beautiful music .. one of my favorite too .. but haven’t listen to it for years. What a magical film. And the soundtrack is one of the best ever. Some great songs!!!

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