our world needs fireworks too!

“The world needed more fireworks –
especially now that there was going to be a shortage of beautiful,
useless things.”
Scott Westerfeld

Frist … of all – Happy Tomorrows to us All.!!!

I lived in UK and on Ireland for 20 years in total … and the during all those years my yearly highlight was London’s New Year’s fireworks and still is. And for me does London have the world’s most fantastic firework. But today Youtube has to provide me with the experience, the next day.

Even if the experts say that Sydney is the leader and Dubai on second place.
The cost of the world’s best fireworks are … hug!! Sydney’s harbour display costing a whopping $7.2m (£3.79m) – Dubai’s event cost $6m (£3.86m) and London only £1.5 million to £2 million.

That’s a lot of money … going up in smoke, so I have very mixed feelings about this firework thing. Imaging what good those money could have done somewhere else.

I still love to watch them … !!! And I think that our world needs fireworks too.

And this year … one of the best ever. Enjoy!!!!

Featured image provided by inventricity.com

22 thoughts on “our world needs fireworks too!

  1. I loved the London one too, mind you now I see how much money that cost, it is too much! I guess that is why they charged entrance money to watch it life there.

    • Hi there, I think the fireworks are all for free …. and paid by sponsorship. Still it’s a lot of money, but I do love a great a firework. *smile

  2. I thought it was truly fabulous, Vivi! 🙂 I went with Mick and James in the afternoon to watch the Star Wars movie (immense!!! I still love Harrison Ford 🙂 ) then had supper and cosied up till midnight. I thought Brian Adams was superb too. Can’t beat an aging rocker 🙂 Lots of love to you, sweetheart! Are you returning from Prague the same day or do you have an overnight stay? It will be tiring, hon, so you need to rest up after that.
    I have Polish family coming, Tuesday-Thursday, so it will be hectic next week (wish I had your cooking skills 🙂 ) but I’ll try to check in with you.

    • Star Wars, not really my thing … even if Harrison Ford is in it. I watch a great movie last night about a chef in London, very sexy one too .. it’s called “Burnt” with Bradley Cooper. Bradley is just dead gorgeous. I know many things I could with him *laughing – then I weak up!!!!!
      I’m doing a daytrip to Prague .. arriving just after 9.00 and the return flight is 18.35. I can sleep the next day, main thing is that my friend will leave the mental hospital. I wish there had been flights before, but she are in good hands. She has been there for one week.
      I can image you will a busy with your visitors … but also a great time and please enjoy! See whenever you have time and strength.

  3. 🙂 Sadly, there were a lot less fireworks in the sky this year.
    I had planned on taking some pictures but ZERO.
    Well, maybe new year… 🙂
    thanks for posting these fireworks xo

    • 2016 will be a great year for firework and everything else. I messed up my booking for Prague .. for tomorrow day trip … bringing my friend home. Had to buy a new ticket. Can’t believe it. Booked with Viveka as surname too. Wouldn’t gone on the flight. Nearly 2020 Euros out the window. But the mistake is mine, so I have to take that cost. Happily enough I manage to get a return flight tomorrow, cost 50 Euros more than the first one. Otherwise I would had re-booked her flight too. So mad on myself. Me that book flights all the time, I think I was mentally stressed with I booked. Anyhow on my way tomorrow and hopefully there will be no more drama. *laughing

      • 🙂 Oh, you! You’ve done so much for your friend and worried about her, it doesn’t come as a surprise that something got messed up. Even though it’s a lot of money, I’m sure you’re friend will appreciate what you are doing for her more than she can express.
        A great big hug to you, you wonderful lady!
        Good luck for tomorrow!
        xoxoxo 🙂

      • Thank you, so much for your support and thoughts … I feel a lot better now. Money is just money – when there is no money it’s a massive problem, but I’m okay. Have to cut down on the shoes this year .. or maybe not *laughing. After that mess up I booked my a new trip to Prague, 4 nights in March and I feel a lot better already. Got hotel with breakfast, scheduled flight and private airport transfer – all for 290Euros – 4 nights. Be sure I checked my details. *smile

    • Happy Tomorrows … to you 2!!!!!! Yes, I was thinking about contacting earlier today … I do so, when I’m back from Prague. Doing a daytrip tomorrow.

  4. That was amazing. I watched the whole thing. I’ve never seen anything like that. This year I spent New Year’s eve sitting in a hospital waiting room while my son was in surgery. We watched the ball drop in Times Square on TV and saw a few fireworks over the lake (view from the hospital). The surgery went well and our son is at home with us until he is well enough to get on a plane and go back to London where he now lives. Happy New Year, Viveka

    • Happy New Year, Carol … so glad that everything went well for your son and that he are recovering at home. But what a why to spend New Years Eve. So happy for your all … firework and snow has the same effect on me, it brings out the child in me. Even if I know it’s nice to have your son at home with you … I hope he will have a great recovery and be able to turn to his everyday. I wish you all … happy tomorrows.

      • Thank you Viveka. Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply. Having my son home for an extra week has been a challenge but now that he’s returned to London I miss him already and he’s only been gone a day.

      • Carol, so glad that your son is okay and that he has been able to return to his everyday life …. and I can understand that you miss him already. Don’t worry about the replay. Take care of yourself now … you need some owntime now.

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